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How to Keep Your Body Active Throughout The Day?

Published : Feb 08, 2018 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

Productivity of every day is of utmost importance in the millennial times. Every day is worth a lot of money and ?Energy?. Each day brings its own set of adventures and workload. Being able to meet deadlines and doing more work than usual on an everyday basis gets exhausting. A few lifestyle changes and implementing easy to do daily routines can help us stay active throughout the day and be able to work efficiently and better.

The best way to stay active throughout the day is to implement exercise in your daily routine. If you can make time for exercising first thing in the morning, that's the best to way to kick-start your day and to stay ?Woke? for the rest of the day. Workouts produce happy hormones called ?Endorphins? which don't just make you happier. They also make you healthy, younger, slimmer and even smarter.

  • Start your day by drinking water. It doesn't necessarily have to warm water warm with lime and honey and all the jazz. Just plain water at room temperature first thing in the morning purifies our internal system. Water fires up your metabolism, hydrates you, helps your body flush out the toxins and fuels your brain. Even when your body is asking for that cup of caffeine, always make sure to drink a good amount of water and then reach out to your go to drug - Caffeine.
  • It's also equally important to drink enough water throughout the day as well. While at work, make sure to carry your own bottle of water - preferably a fancy bottle which should always call out to you to take that sip and hydrate yourself. Carrying your own bottle will also make you get up and refill that bottle which will also make you conscious of how much water you're drinking that day. A minimum of 3 ltr is a must everyday.
  • Move around your work space - there are apps which send your a notification every 20 mins to get up from your eat and move around. Sometimes this works and sometimes on a busy day it doesn't or you become numb to those notifications. So make it a point to consciously to get up and refill your water or to get that print out yourself. Always take the stairs, if its more than 3 flights then take the stairs for 3 flights and then take the elevator. Being conscious of what you're doing is all it takes to stay ?Woke.?
  • Eat healthy - even if you're eating out majority of the times, always choose a lot of colors on your plate. Make sure there are vegetables in the form of sabzi / poriyal, a small portion of salad or just chopped cucumbers or tomatoes, drink a fresh fruit juice during the day, eat a different fruit in the evening. These are all economical and easily available, all you've got to do is be conscious in what you're eating.
All these are easy and simple things that you could implement in your day. Always start small and be practical. Don't keep unrealistic goals and be disappointed. It's very important to stay active not just to meet deadlines or make money, but also for our own well being and peace of mind.

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