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How To Keep Child Active Throughout The Day

In order for children to grow up strong and healthy, it is imperative that they consume vital nutrients, good food and that they indulge in physical activities. It aids both, their overall growth and development, which helps their physical conditions in their years to come. Physical activities, not only keep them energetic and active, but also help build a strong immunity and boost their strength and endurance. The hours put into such activities depend on the age of the child. Children, till the age of 3 and 5 need 3 hours of physical activity, on an average, on a daily basis.

How to  keep child active throughout the day - Fast&Up

Physical growth and development

Physical activities helps a child grow physically in multiple ways as it :

  • Promotes better self esteem
  • Build up better balance and posture
  • Produces more Red Blood Cells in the body which carry and supply oxygen
  • Improves overall functioning of the body

Aiding mental health

Active kids not only have good endurance and strength, but they also have lesser levels of anxiety. During playtime, the brain releases Endorphins, a feel good chemical that lifts up the kids mood and energy levels, also helping them catch a good sleep, creating a good impact on their overall mental health. Kids learn how to interact with others in the process, inculcating a sense of companionship. Over time the child develops better concentration and focus, giving him or her a good deal of self confidence.

Aiding mental health to Child - Fast&Up

Sedentary behaviour

Many children often do not indulge in any sort of activity, instead they choose to play video games and watch television, decreasing their physical movement to a low. This is called Sedentary behaviour, or a phenomenon where children resort to more screen time. This could further lead to lower levels of cognitive development, increase fat levels in the body, and it could cause obesity as children grow. For the above mentioned reasons, it is imperative that children are encouraged to indulge in physical activities and that their screen time is controlled.

Ways to keep children active

Here are a few things one can do to curb such behaviour :

  • As per the child's age, it is imperative that the activities chosen for him or her are suitable. This is to ensure that the children are excited to do the same and that they fit such activities in their daily schedule. If not, it could bore the child, making him or her feel less motivated to do so
  • Physical activities do not entirely mean that one should be engaging in just sports. There are a variety of indoor activities that would keep them moving. Enroll them for art and craft or seasonal camps, encourage them for DIY activities, take up dancing classes and this could also include one of the best family routines, playing board games.
  • Taking children cycling, which works on both, their endurance and physical health is another way to avert inactiveness. Being one of the activities that children find exciting and motivated to do, cycling is one of the best ways to keep them active.
  • Keeping track of children's screen time is imperative. The lesser their screen time is, the more time they spend playing outdoors. Ideally, children should have a screen time of 2 hours on an average, on a daily basis.

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