10 Creative Ways to Revitalize Your Workday, Increase Productivity at Work

How to Increase Productivity at Work - 10 Creative Ways to Revitalize Your Workday

How to Increase Productivity at Work - 10 Creative Ways to Revitalize Your Workday Yawn, yawn go away

Your workday can be a daunting if you don?t approach it right. We all start our days with the promise of achieving benchmark levels of productivity and finishing our tasks but we find ourselves feeling exhausted by 2 PM. Do you agree? ProductivityBlog1 Then there is another problem that no matter how many energy drinks or coffee you have throughout the day - you just can't focus enough, which is frustrating and takes a toll on your productivity. Do you ever have the feeling the work productivity is like finding the proverbial unicorn?

The good news is that it's not.

Productivity at work can begin with a few simple changes which can also help benefit other aspects of your life. It all starts with letting go of the bad habits, adapting to the new and viola!

Your efforts have paid off into making you a better version of you!

So if you are looking to increase your productivity at work, we give you 10 creative ways that can help you achieve your goal.

1. Sleep - The Original Recharge Just before bedtime we charge our phones for the day ahead. Our bodies need the same! You may have heard that lack of sleep can disrupt your day, yet most people feel that burning the midnight oil along with a packed day is the best way to maximise productivity. It could work for a day or two, then you will have to welcome the unavoidable burnout.While the hours may differ for every individual, but you need 7 hours of sleep. So long as you feel refreshed when you wake up, rest assured your day will thank you!


2. Wake-up First, Work Later Do you wake up, check your phone and start replying to work messages?

Do you see what you did there? Many people make the mistake of waking up and immediately diving into work. This habit doesn?t necessarily ensure productivity. Instead, give yourself some time to wake up mentally and physically. Exercising, reading the newspaper, making breakfast or even just spending some time with your family will help to refresh you and start your day on a better note rather than working on your work project.

3. Start Strong, Finish Stronger There are three things important to start your day strong - breakfast, breakfast, breakfast. A lot of people skip the most important meal of the day because they are busy or have pressing work commitments but the importance of breakfast should not be overlooked. If you don?t feel like eating a lot, start small and build your appetite. Along with food, you can have Fast&Up Vitalize which is India?s first effervescent multivitamins drink which helps to provide you with 21 vitamins & minerals in limits prescribed by RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) ensuring that your fuel is full for the day ahead!

ProductivityBlog3 4. Prioritize Your Day It's important to view each day of the workweek as a specific purpose or job. At the end of the day, you want to feel as if you've accomplished your tasks, and the only way to do this is to prioritize each day of the week. For example, on Wednesday, you can have a deadline to finish the task you started on Monday and hence be done with your project in an achievable timeline.

Even if you have other tasks to complete, give yourself a clear and decisive goal to get the project done. This will make wrapping up the day all the more satisfying, while also increasing productivity for weeks to come.

5. Fading? Hit the Gym! Everyone has experienced what it's like to fade out during the middle of the day. When you're wilting on a regular basis, it's time to make some changes. There's no better way to increase your metabolism, increase productivity, and keep your brain firing on all cylinders than a quick midday workout. We aren?t saying a full one hour session in the middle of your workday but rather a simple walk around the block for 20 minutes or going up the stairs of your office building for 15 minutes will help to wake you up!

6. Cut Back on Caffeine Coffee - it makes the world a better place. Or does it? It is true that coffee helps make your workday better but too much of caffeine can have adverse effects on your body. Coffee before going into work, another during the work morning, one more during 4 PM slump and then one before you finally finish your work - you have had 4 cups of coffee without realising the side effects it has had on your body.


Coffee causes a caffeine crash that we substitute with more coffee and become a part of this chain that does more harm than good! Pacing yourself and moderating the amount of coffee you have will help you avoid the crash and ensure you sleep better too. We have some super recommendation for swapping your coffee with something healthier during the 4 PM slump. It will surely ACTIVATE you!

7. Activate. Day. You.

It is 4 PM, you had a great lunch but now you are feeling sleepy. You want to avoid coffee and tea because you have already had your promised 2 cups of the day and the amount of sugar and caffeine is really not good so you want to cut back on your intake of these drinks. But water isn?t helping. What should you have?

Answer- Fast&Up Activate!

Activate helps you give you the kick but not the crash! It is an effervescent drink that ensures you have more water which is a win-win. So what you waiting for? Be more productive by ordering Activate today.


8. Have a One-track mind

Being a multitasker doesn't mean you should always be doing it. People who are good at multitasking aren't actually working on ten things at once ? they're dividing work and prioritizing one task over another. You should always give your full attention to one task at a time, as juggling a number of responsibilities will only cause confusion and headaches.

9. Clean It Up

A messy desk or office environment won't do you any favors, no matter how productive you typically are. When you have piles of random papers falling off your desk and boxes stacked so high you can't even see out the windows, you know you've got a problem. ProductivityBlog6 Set aside some time for a cleaning session. You'll be amazed how much easier it is to get things done when you're working in a pleasant environment.

10. Start the Day with the Most Difficult Tasks Do you find yourself dreading one or two challenging and time-consuming responsibilities each day? If so, you're not alone. This is one of the most common issues in modern business, and frankly, it can be enough to cripple your work week. Start the day by tackling the most difficult tasks on your to-do list, as this ensures that things get easier with each passing hour. If you leave complex responsibilities for the end of the workday, you might find it next to impossible to get things done accurately and professionally.

In an age where just about every professional has a smartphone in his or her pocket, it can be difficult to find time away from the office. There's nothing wrong with handling a task or two outside of normal work hours, but if you're not careful, you may find that work completely takes over your life. Your time is extremely valuable, so ensure that each hour is maximised so that you can always stay ahead of the game. Add some Fast&Up to your day to fuel your everyday and ensure whatever the day of the week, you aren?t weak!

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