This Diwali don’t go to clubs, don’t burn crackers, don’t just watch TV. Instead we want you to do something different and something more. Something for a good cause. Something for our society. We are giving you 7 best ways that will help you make this Diwali brighter for you and your society.

  1. Take care of yourself : Every good start needs an initiation. It’s well said that “Good things always need to start with you.”. Start taking care of your overall wellness with Fast&Up Vitalize which is a multivitamin blend to take care of your daily nutrient intake and Fast&Up Promega fish oils rich in omega-3 fats to take care of your brain, heart and joints.
  2. Help in domestic work : You live in one house but your maid has 10 more houses to work in. So, instead of berating her, it would be great if you assist her with some work. Instead of giving deadlines offer a helping hand.
  3. Be a Santa Claus : You have plenty of things you don’t use, plenty things you will never use and things which are just there. Instead of piling it up for next year, why don’t we give to the people who really need them.
  4. Remember the working people: Always remember when you’re celebrating your Diwali leave, there are people still working on Diwali. People like your watchman, pizza delivery boy, cops who’s ensuring your safety on this grand fest. If you ever come across them, gift them generously with chocolates, greeting cards and a sweet smile.
  5. Use eco-friendly fire works: When you take care of your environment, you take care of your own society too. Pollution reaches a lot higher on the day of Diwali which is harmful for the society including animals living with us. How to help the environment? Either light diyas and decorate your home as brighter or if you’re a cracker enthusiast, burn eco-friendly crackers which will help the society by lowering the pollution level comparatively.
  6. Distribute chocolates/sweets: You and all your family member do receive either chocolates/sweets from friends, relatives and clients. Instead of throwing away the excessed sweets why don’t you pack them all in your car and distribute them to people who are so poor, they don’t even know what Diwali feels like. Lightning hearts are much pleasurable than lighting crackers.
  7. Join Fast&Up on 2nd November: For all you people out there looking for a platform to do something good for your society, Fast&Up is organising Giving Day on 2nd of November. NGOs like KSHITIJ, WSD, Aftertaste, MANN, SNEHA and many more will be sharing the platform with us for the welfare of humanity.

Iss Diwali khusiyoon ke diye jalaao

Giving Day

Join us on our Giving day. Let’s do something for a good cause.

Date: 2.11.2018
Venue: 7th floor,
Samartha Aishwarya apartment,
Lion Sole Marg, Opp. Highland Park,
Andheri West,
Timing: 10 AM to 7 PM

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-Expert and Writer

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