How To Get Summer Ready

Published : Apr 30, 2018
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  • Beach Body Is Not A Dream Anymore. It is Goals!

    Yes, summer is here!

    You will now react in two ways. Some of you will say, ‘Yay! Bring it on' and others will get that panicky feeling as they feel they aren't ready for something AKA their beach wardrobe!

    If you have the latter, you are not alone! Remember that panicky feeling is also a feeling of potential. It is never too late to achieve your goals but the best time to act on your goals is NOW to avoid any future disappointments!

    You would say, isn't April too late? No it isn't. Transformation and sculpting do not happen overnight but they will never happen if you give up saying ‘too late'. So give up your excuses and join the fitness wagon!

    These simple exercises will help you achieve the body you want on the beach this summer. They target on your lower body and specifically get those muscles working hard, burning fat and help achieve your body goals!

    REMEMBER - Aim to do each of the exercises for 30 seconds with a break of 15 seconds between each set. Once you've completed all six, all you have to do is repeat them, and you're finished in less than 10 minutes! This High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) session can be done anywhere and doesn't need much space.

    If you can't do it for 30 seconds at the beginning, do not lose help. Just try to give it your best and you will surprise yourself by the end of the week with the strength you have gained! Do not forget to warm up your body before every workout with Fast&Up Activate - our pre-workout health supplement to help make sure you do not waste any workout.

    The Six Exercises in the Fast&Up Summer Workout:

    1. Lunge and Squat

    Start with the legs! Do two step back lunges, but don't go very deep. So you basically do two lunges and then a squat. Start slowly and build up your pace as you get more comfortable with the exercise. You continue the sequence of lunge, lunge, squat for your first thirty second work period.beautiful-brunette-squatting-with-dumbbells

    2. Mountain Climbers

    Again we concentrate on the leg muscles in this move, but also focus on our core. Imagine you are sprinting on the spot. In this exercise you lunge forward twice, before getting into the push-up position and bringing your knees up to your chest. This exercise works the quads, entire core, and cardiovascular system. You'll be sure to be puffing after it! Don't forget to sip on Fast&Up Reload during your break between sets to replenish all that you lose when you sweat.Mountain_Climbers_M_WorkoutLabs

    3. Plank Leg Raises

    You'll feel that bum burn after this deceptively tough exercise! Your glutes are very much engaged during the leg lift of this move, as you fight to keep your body straight. Avoid lifting your bum in the air, or letting your head drift backwards. Your head should stay in between your arms. Grit your teeth and hang in there for the full thirty! Switch you leg during the next round of the workout.pho_exercise_plank-straight-leg

    4. Tricep Dips with Toe Touch

    The focus is firmly on the arms and core in this challenging exercise. You do a tricep dip, and allow the momentum gained by the upward movement, to transfer all your weight on to one hand. Next, you reach out with your free hand, while squeezing your abdominal muscles ,to allow your hand to touch the opposite side's toe. Get into a rhythm with this one and try to last until the end of your thirty seconds!Trainer Excersize

    5. Side Plank Twist

    Get into a side plank position and hold your body in as straight a line as possible. Try not to allow your hips to sink towards the ground. Once you're feeling settled in this position, reach up with your hand all the way to the sky. This is your starting position, then you swing your arm from above in an arc and under your arm. Your body will twist naturally until you are looking behind you thus activating your abdominal muscles. This is an excellent core move! Complete fifteen seconds on one side, before rolling over and doing the final fifteen seconds on your opposite side.Sideplank

    6. Squat And Crawl

    Our final move (before we repeat all six exercises again in round 2) is an all over body move. We start by doing four squat pulses, sitting right back onto our heels. We then stay in this squatted position and gently lower our hands to the ground, before crawling forward on our hands and feet for 4 steps. Next, we come back, repeat our four squat pulse before going into a crawl again. We repeat this sequence as often as we can in the forty seconds allowed. Remember to sip Reload before you begin round 2!ThumbnailBlog1

    And there you have it! A workout that will help jump-start your summer fitness. If you complete this workout routine at least three times a week, and aew careful with your diet choices and portions, then you will be able to see results in as little as 6 weeks!

    Remember, anything worthwhile takes time. Stay focused and honest during every workout. If you can see the blue skies ahead, then a little sweat today will be worth it.

    Share this blog with your friends and get summer ready. Tell us what else you would like to read in the comments!

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