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That dimpled looking skin that we usually see in the thigh region is known as cellulite. Cellulite is formed when fatty tissues deep inside the skin pushes up against the connective tissue.

According to survey it is found that 85% of women above 21 years of age have cellulite. Cellulite mostly develops on the thighs that is because thigh area has more fatty tissue.

There are many other factors to be considered because of which cellulite forms for example, age, tissue inflammation, loss of collagen, estrogen, poor circulation and many more.

Algae body wraps, anti-cellulite oil or a 10 day serum let’s be honest: all those high priced magic cures that are supposed to get you rid of cellulite overnight just don’t work. Hardly any woman can flaunt the smooth skin on her thighs.

Cellulite has nothing to do with the size and that is the crux of it, even the skinny supermodels have it where in there are women carrying extra amount of weight without having a single stretch mark or a single cellulite dimple on the skin can be found. Cellulite isn’t a fat problem it is a skin problem. It’s true that fats can make it worse but definitely it is not the root cause.

To get rid of cellulite it is important to treat the problem from within, it is good to treat the cause and not only the symptom.

Repairing your skin from within can reduce and eliminate cellulite in many ways:

Let’s look into it a bit closer!

·         Strengthen blood vessels: strengthening the blood vessels is the key step in reducing cellulite, because blood vessels are the pathways through which the nutrients which are important to maintain the healthy skin reach to the dermis, dermis is the layer of the skin which is damaged.


·         Hydrate: Cells becomes firm and strong when they are hydrated and these strong cells act as a barrier stopping the fat cells from pushing to the top of the skin where they are visible and cause dimpling which are associated with the cellulite.


·         Reduce inflammation: If the inflammation is prolonged then it may cause free-radical damage and cell membrane deterioration, which then increases the likelihood of cellulite. Omega-3 Fatty acids will help you burn fats and will help you in fat metabolism.



·         Promote the production of collagen: The reason why collagen is important is because of healthy and young looking skin depends upon the collagen. Collagen which is found within the connective tissue is the main structural protein of the skin and when it is damaged it is not pretty anymore. Healthy collagen provides structural support which eventually prevents fat cells from breaking through the lower layer of the skin and then reaches to the top layer of the skin where they make the skin look uneven and lumpy.




Workout tip to get over the Cellulite:

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The only key is you need to get moving, if you wish to have that type of toned body and smooth skin that you desire for!

Strengthen your thigh muscles and butt in order to reduce the fat cells and tighten your connective tissues. Consider the exercises which strengthen your legs; for example squats and lunges.

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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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