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Top Mental Health Tips - How to deal with Omicron anxiety

How to deal with Omicron anxiety

With the rising number of COVID-19 cases in India triggered by the spread of omicron variant of the virus it is natural that you may feel more stressed and anxious. The period of pandemic has led to excess fatigue among many individuals and many of them along with others are looking at some fresh ways to cope up with the situation. Having friends and family around along with having a strong mind can easily help you cope with the covid anxiety. However, not everyone may have a strong mind to deal with the outside situation. For those who find it difficult to deal with Omicron variant anxiety, here are top five mental health tips for you -

  • Take Good Care of Your Mind

Taking care of your mind it's quite easier than you think it is. You can practice a number of mind caring habits like meditation, yoga, gratitude, etc. or read a book listen, to music or follow your hobby to develop positive thoughts which will eventually lead you into a happy mind space.

  • Self-care is the Best Care

You should be your first priority. Self-care daily helps you to stay calm and relaxed to kill the anxiety caused by any virus. Mind you, self-care is not at all difficult! It can be as simple as wearing your favorite dress, making your favorite protein smoothie or watching your favorite cartoon series. Anything and everything that makes you happy and alleviates your mood is included in self-care.

  • Get Awestruck by the Wizardry of Magic Mineral – Magnesium

Magnesium has the magic to lower your stress and anxiety. Magnesium helps to calm your nervous system down by reducing GABA levels and also improves body's stress response system. Studies have suggested that increasing your magnesium intake will help you to improve your sleep quality, sleep for longer, reduce anxiety, minimize stress and fear.

  • Look after Your Loved Ones

Look after Your Loved Ones

In such times of covid pandemic it is really important to look after your loved ones and stay connected with them. Try to avoid meeting them in person even if you are fully vaccinated, rather resort to means like WhatsApp texting or video calling to make sure that they are happy and not stressed while maintaining social distancing.

  • Sleep Heals Everything

There’s a good old saying that says, “Sleep Cures Everything”. This statement is true even for stress and anxiety. A good night's sleep especially when you are depressed helps you to clear the clutter in your mind thereby making you feel relaxed, fresh, positive and happy. Always remember - “when you sleep, you feel well”.

The rapid spread of the virus imposition of lockdown from various state governments and subsequent resumption of work from home is ought to mess up your mind and increase your levels of stress. However, following the mental health tips mentioned above will help you to fight stress and deal with omicron anxiety

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Neel Visaria

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