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How To Choose The Best Vitamin C Supplement

While the natural sources of Vitamin C comprises of eatables like citrus fruits, red peppers, kiwi, strawberries, broccoli, leafy vegetables and papaya. There are times when you might miss out of any of these eatables or may be not include any of them in your diet. However, Vitamin C is of utmost importance for the body so as to have a stronger immunity. Hence, supplements comes into picture. The important question is how to choose a good Vitamin C supplement?
Fast&Up Vitamin C Supplement

There are three types of Vitamin C, mainly sodium ascorbate, calcium ascorbate and ascorbic acid. Each of these play a very vital role in proper functioning of the body and is equally important.

Many Vitamin C supplements comprises of only ascorbic acid. And Ascorbic Acid is known for its bioavailable property which means it can be absorbed and digested by the body alone which is not known to be as efficient as when it is combined with the other two Vitamin C. To ensure there is a proper functioning performed by your body to strengthen your immune system, it is very important have all the three Vitamin C.

A supplement to be of maximum benefit and potential, it is necessary to have all the three types of Vitamin C followed by bioflavonoids. Bioflavonoids are nothing but antioxidants and found naturally available in Vitamin C in the form of citrus fruits. It help to protect the vitamin C to sustain its journey in your body, thus, maximising its effects. Supplement that consists of all three types of Vitamin C and bioflavonoids will help you achieve maximum protection from pathogens.

When it comes to consumption, there are various ways a person can consume Vitamin C supplement, there are chewable, pills, tablets, drinks etc., and however what’s important is out of them which one offers better absorption.

Fast&Up Charge is also known for its various properties. It consists of Natural Vitamin C for boosting immunity. Its composition comprises of 1000 mg Natural Amla Extract, and 10 mg Zinc to assist in immunity boosting activity.

Fast&Up Vitamin C Supplement
This Vitamin C supplement is made with Swiss Effervescent Technology that requires no hassle, you just need to take one effervescent tab, drop it in a 250 ml of water, wait for it to dissolve and drink. Just Drop, Fizz and Drink.

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