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How to Boost your Kid’s Immunity for Healthy Winter

Indian parents are always concerned about their kid’s health. They keep a keen eye on their health especially during the winter season as cold; cough and flu are on the rise. Winter season demands from you to take extra care of your child. Boosting your kid’s immunity can be the best way to deal with winter to enable your kid to live a happy and healthy life.

How to Boost your Kid’s Immunity for Healthy Winter - Fast&Up

Sleep is Important

Sleep is important to boost the immune system of your child and also for other body organs to function properly. This doesn’t mean that you make your child sleep for long hours but make sure that he gets adequate sleep at night which will help him stay active and healthy. Helping your kids develop a good bedtime routine and will help you ensure that your child gets enough sleep.

Teach them importance of Good Habits

Good habits here mean that you should help your kid understand the importance of hygiene like washing hands regularly, using handkerchief/ tissues while sneezing, completing the plate, etc. Also, teaching your child the importance of a clean and green environment can go a long way in making sure that your child breathes fresh and pollution-less air.

Teach them importance of Good Habits - Fast&Up

Playtime should not be compromised

Kids should be encouraged to play outside in the playground or gardens. This helps them to stay active and energetic and also boosts immunity. Playtime should not be compromised while in winters as it helps your child generate enough heat in the body to fight against the coolness of the atmosphere. Thus, Playing outside is good for your kid’s health.

Super Nutrition to Boost Immunity

Fast food is good for taste but not for your kid's health. You need to serve your child with a nutrition-rich diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and other nourishing food items to build strong immunity. Here, you can try tricking your child to eat certain delicious dishes like smoothies, baked items, and hide those healthy and nutrient-rich ingredients to boost their immunity. Another effective way out is the use of Nutrition Supplements available which contain all the necessary nutrients to help your kid develop and maintain a strong immunity

Super Nutrition to Boost Immunity for kids - Fast&Up

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