How Should One Incorporate Cheat Meals

Published : May 21, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    Fast&up Cheat Meals

    So the question lies; how to incorporate cheat meals in your diet without blowing-up your gains? For people dieting down, reduced caloric intake means cutting out a lot of happiness...

    Whether you're aiming to hit the stage or just want to get into shape for that beach body, dieting is an essential part of the journey. Nutrition can make or break any attempt to transform your body, whether you're trying to pack on muscle or shed fat.

    Reduced caloric intake means a focus on nutrient-dense foods and a not-so-fond farewell to favorite indulgences and desserts. This can be difficult for those coming out of a bulking phase, in which nothing was off-limits. This is the reason cheat meals are incorporated. These are meals in which the diet rules don't apply and one is encouraged to eat a surplus of calories and forget about the nutritional value of the meal.


    When it comes to cheat meals excess is encouraged, hence they can't be overused, or you'll never be in a caloric-deficit & thus lose the purpose of the diet. If you're one of those incredibly rare individuals with absolutely no craving to cheat, more power to you. But for others cheat meals should be incorporated to have relief in 3 ways: physically, socially & psychologically.

    Staying on a strict calorie diet with monotonous & repetitive bland tasting meals can wear down even the toughest psyche. Indulging one cheat meal per week in which you can have few slices of pizza or cookies can keep you sane. It'll serve as an incentive to stay on track & motivated for the rest of the week, as you know you have a reward coming.

    Fast&up Cheat Meal for Bodybuilding

    Cheat meals can replenish your glycogen levels & fuel your workouts. Another disadvantage of dieting is it slows down your metabolism. Your body adapts to a lower level of calories, which can stall your fat loss. Having a cheat meal shocks your metabolism into high gear. Social events often revolve around tasty food. You can't always smuggle in a protein shake or a healthy meal at such events. Be flexible, you don't want to end up segregating yourself.


    Another mistake a lot of people do is letting their cheat meal turn into a cheat day. Self-control is the key, limit the cheat to one meal & then return to your scheduled diet.

    WHEN- Concerned about cheat meals damaging your progress? Plan them after a tougher workout (leg-day or a back-day).

    HOW MUCH-It's a personal preference, you know your body better than anyone else. The point is not to undo all the dieting & hard-work you have put in. Stay sensible and try to focus on your goal. A couple of donuts are fine, a couple of dozen is not.

    Fast&up Cheatmeals

    Being in an offseason, while trying to grow & enjoying those cheat meals you completely can't deny the essentials. Supplementation should always be on-point. Right supplements can help you hit the mark with ease & peak your performance. Micronized creatine monohydrate should always be in your stack; it helps you replenish the ATP levels and gives you an energy boost. A good fish-oil supplement is a must for your daily dose of omega-3 fatty acids. Fast&Up Promega contains a whopping 1250mg of Omega-3 fatty acids, with no fishy after-taste. It has DHA & EPA in a ratio of 3:2, which are essential fats for good joints, brain & a healthy heart.

    Fast&up Omega-3 Supplements

    Having all nutrient-rich foods at one go is difficult; hence a nice multivitamin supplement can fill those gaps. Fast&Up Vitalize is India's first effervescent multivitamin drink which packs in 12 vitamins, 9 minerals, and beetroot extract enriched with natural nitrate.

    Fast&up Multivitamin Supplements


    When you're dieting hard or cutting, a cheat meal of higher calorie intake makes a lot of sense from an adherence, training quality & a long-term success standpoint.

    Since these cheat meals are now a part of the routine, you better plan them & not let them become excuses for your downfall.

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