How Plant Protein can Help Bridge Protein Deficiency Gap

Published : Jun 28, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

    Fast&up Plant-Based Protein Powders

    Protein is an essential macromolecules responsible for smooth functioning of body. Proteins are also most misunderstood nutrient among all macronutrients. There are many fallacies around it like only bodybuilders require proteins or one gets complete protein from their foods

    As per recent report 68% people in India are protein deficient and around 71% have poor muscle health. Similar reports suggest that 84% Vegetarian and 65% Non- vegetarian diets are protein deficient.

    How Plant Protein can Help Bridge Protein Deficiency Gap

    What are proteins?

    Proteins are essential macromolecules or large macromolecules, consisting of long chains of amino acid residues which are essential part of all living organisms especially in structural components of body tissues like muscle hair, nails etc and as enzymes and antibodies.

    Important roles of proteins

    When it comes to proteins, they play critical role in physiological functions of life, help in energy production, smooth functioning of every cells and are significant for enzyme, hormone and other chemical production.

    Fast&up Plant Protein Functions

    Types of Amino Acids

    There are in all 20 Amino acid, 11 Non - Essential amino acid which can be synthesized by the body. There are 9 Essential amino acid, which body cannot synthesized on its own and has to be taken from outside.

    Complete Vs Incomplete Amino acid

    When it comes to essential amino acid, it can be complete or in complete depending on the source of proteins. Complete proteins are those who have sufficient essential amino acid and incomplete amino acid are the ones that do not have all 9 essential amino acid in sufficient quantity.

    Animal based proteins are considered complete protein source and plant as incomplete protein source. SO FAST&UP PLANT PROTEIN ISOLATE CONTAINS INCOMPLETE AMINO ACID? The answer is NO. Here we explain how

    Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate

    Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate contains intelligent combination of Pea + Brown Rice protein. Pea proteins are good source of all essential amino acid except Methionine. Like wise to complement Pea protein Brown Rice has been added which is rich source of Methionine.

    Along with Pea + Brown Rice protein, Pea Protein Isolate also has 5.8g BCAA and 5.5g Glutamine, Beetroot extract and Vegan Coconut MCTs. BCAA(Branched Chain Amino Acid) helps in muscle strength and endurance. Glutamine helps in faster muscle recovery while Beetroot extract helps in digestion and boost energy. Vegan MCTs are rich source of saturated fat that act as fat burner and aids weight loss.
    Fast&up Plant Protein Powder

    Bottom Line

    In a nutshell, when it comes to protein there are many options available in the market. Fast&Up Plant Protein Isolate helps to bridge the protein gap with complete amino acid profile and 100% Natural and clinically tested ingredients.

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