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How Magnesium Helps You to Sleep Better

Published : Apr 01, 2020 4 mins read Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

Sleep disorder or insomnia affects millions of people all around the world. It can cause daytime drowsiness, fatigue, lethargy, headaches, nausea, impaired performance, and irritability. Breaking the cycle of sleep disorder is not easy even when you try to curb caffeine intake or alter your sleep routine. As sleep disorder is a common malady, you can find more than hundreds of supplements and over-the-counter remedies which claim to help you sleep better. One such popular supplement is magnesium with scientific researches to back the claim.

What is Magnesium?

Magnesium is one of the most common and essential minerals required by the body in huge amounts. As the human body does not produce magnesium, it must be absorbed from your daily diet. Some of the food that you consume everyday contains a high level of magnesium include meat, legumes, dairy products, nuts, seeds, coffee, chocolate and so forth.

Magnesium is essential for each cell in the body so that it functions properly. Studies reveal that majority of the adults are deficient in magnesium, particularly older adults. Although you might consume food rich in magnesium, sometimes, the body fails to absorb it which can cause deficiencies and related health issues. Supplementing magnesium such as Fast&Up Magnesio is linked to a wide range of health benefits from treating sleep disorders, lowering blood pressure, reducing inflammation to relieving constipation.

Fast&Up Magnesium Supplements

How it works?

Magnesium plays a key role in regulating various functions in your body. It enables the functions of healthy enzymes that react with various cells of the body. Let us look at how it helps to improve your sleep.

  • Helps your brain and body to relax

The key to falling and staying asleep is relaxation of the brain and body. One of the most common symptoms of magnesium deficiency is insomnia. People who are deficient in magnesium are unable to sleep fitfully and wake up frequently during the night. Daily intake of magnesium supplements helps you to maintain a healthy level of magnesium, which promotes deep sleep. It activates the nervous system that allows you to become calm and relaxed.

Magnesium regulates the neurotransmitters or GABA, which relaxes or quietens the activities of your nervous system. It also regulates the hormone known as melatonin which is responsible for the sleep and wake cycle of the body. By relaxing your mind and body, magnesium prepares your body to sleep soundly.

  • Regulates the quality of your sleep

Apart from helping you sleep, supplementing magnesium is also useful for regulating the quality of your sleep. According to research, older adults benefited from magnesium supplements as it has the effect of calming the nervous system by blocking the excitable molecules.

Fast&Up Magnesium Supplements For Sleep

  • Reduces anxiety and depression

Another important reason for poor sleep patterns is anxiety and depression. As a matter of fact, magnesium supplements such as Fast&Up Magnesio helps to alleviate mood disorders. Magnesium deficiency can cause anxiety, mental confusion, and depression. Studies reveal that this essential nutritional supplement can also help treat anxiety. If your sleep disorder is related to anxiety and depression, magnesium supplement can help as it calms the functions of the nervous system.

Certain group of people who suffer from magnesium deficiency should consider supplementing it as the body does not produce this essential mineral. People who require magnesium supplements include

  • Diabetics

People who suffer from diabetes excrete excess magnesium through the urine, which is one of the main causes for low level of magnesium. In addition to type 1 diabetes, those who suffer from type 2 diabetes also risk deficiency of this essential mineral. This is reason enough for diabetics to supplement magnesium as it helps to control their blood sugar and magnesium levels.

  • Digestive disorders

If you suffer from digestive disorders, chances are high that you have a low of magnesium too. Your body is unable to absorb the required nutrients when the digestive system fails to function appropriately.

  • Elderly

Older people also suffer from magnesium deficiency, as their body is unable to absorb essential minerals and nutrients. This probably explains the reason why elderly people often suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia. Supplementing magnesium with Fast&Up Magnesio can help cure sleep disorders.

How to Consume Magnesium Supplements

Supplementing magnesium is essential when you suffer from magnesium deficiency that causes sleep disorders and other related health issues. Some important things you need to know before supplementing magnesium include the upper limit of intake, side effects, and medications. You can consume one tablet of Fast and Up Magnesio, which contains 300 mg of magnesium and 10mg of zinc. Just drop a tablet into 250 ml of water, wait until it dissolves completely before you consume it.

Magnesio is available in the form of effervescent tablets in lemon and lime flavor. It eases muscle cramps, fights fatigue, exhaustion, and stress. It activates the enzymes to ensure smooth and efficient functioning of the body. Intense physical exertion can cause depletion in the magnesium levels, which explains why athletes must also supplement magnesium to fight fatigue and exhaustion. It also improves their sleep patterns.
Fast&Up Magnesium Supplements
Bottom line

Magnesium, which is an essential and whole health mineral, enhances the overall functions of our body by improving performance and sleep patterns. Magnesium supplements offer a wide range of therapeutic benefits and improving your sleep pattern is just one of them. It also helps to relieve anxiety and depression, which interferes with your sleep.

However, before you choose to supplement magnesium, it is essential to talk to your doctor first as it can interact with certain medications. No doubt, magnesium supplements such as Fast and Up Magnesio helps to increase the level of magnesium in your body and enhances your performance and sleep. This absorbent effervescent tablet also works instantly and makes you feel calm and less stressed. In brief, it helps you to feel relaxed and promotes good sleep.

Insomnia can be difficult to overcome- the very thought that you cannot sleep can stress you even more. Magnesium deficiency could be the reason- So try Fast and Up Magnesio to relax and have a good night’s sleep!

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