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How Hydrating Are Drinks Other Than Water?

Published : Jul 05, 2019 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

Hydration is key to stay fit and healthy. Drinking fluids helps a person to stay hydrated and healthy and maintain proper functioning of the body. Hydration helps each and every organ of our body including heart, kidney, etc. to function properly. It also provides energy to the body to carry out various tasks and function adequately. A person when gets dehydrated, he losses electrolytes which leads to stress and fatigue. These electrolytes have to be replenished instantly to restore energy levels in the body. There are many options available to replenish electrolytes which are –

How Hydrating Are Drinks Other Than Water?

• Water

Water is one of the most effective drinks which help a person to stay hydrated. Water has no calories and also does not cause any damage to the body. Drinking water to stay hydrated is suited for a small workout lasting up to 60 mins. Water helps to restore what is lost during exercise.

• Fruit Juices

Fruit juice contains many important nutrients which provide hydration to a person. They are more beneficial than plain water but one has to be cautious in their consumption because they also contain high levels of sugar which is not good for a human body.

How Hydrating Are Drinks Other Than Water?

• Soft Drinks

Soft drinks which are sugar-free or are made up of very less amount of sugar should only be consumed by an individual who wants to hydrate himself because if most soft drinks have high calories and high sugar levels making them harmful to the health of a person.

• Milk

Milk has various important nutrients like calcium, protein and other vitamins which are essential to stay hydrated and fight fatigue. Milk is often said to be more beneficial for a person to stay hydrated than water but has to be consumed in limited quantity as it has a budding impact on the body.

• Tea and Coffee

Tea and Coffee have the same effect as water has. The only concern is that they contain caffeine in a small amount which may harm when a person over consumes tea and coffee. Thus, tea and coffee are a good source of beating dehydration but should be consumed carefully.

How Hydrating Are Drinks Other Than Water?

• Sports Drinks

Sports drinks comprise of carbohydrates, potassium, sodium, amino acids and many other nutrients. They help to stay hydrated and to boost one's performance. All these vitamins and minerals help to replenish fluids which are lost when a person gets dehydrated and suffers from muscle cramps and fatigue as well. Sports drink are consumed to get instant energy and stay hydrated.

Sports drinks have essential nutrients which help to replenish electrolytes instantly. This makes them the best option when it comes to hydration. Sports Drinks are thus, consumed by many people to stay hydrated which helps them to stay fit and healthy.

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How Hydrating Are Drinks Other Than Water?

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