How does CT scan help diagnose Covid-19

Published : May 11, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    CT scan help diagnose Covid-19

    Coronavirus situation in the country is dampening every passing hour. The cases are on constant rise leading to higher risk to health. With the rise in cases, there is a bigger rise in the number of RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Test conducted every day. Simply going by numbers, on 29th April, 2021 there were a total of 19,20,107 tests conducted across the country taking the total to 28,63,92,086 tests till the given date. With more and more people suffering from symptoms of the virus and the delay caused due to delay in testing & receipt of reports is worsening their health condition leading to serious complications. This has made many people opt for a CT scan to help diagnose the presence of the virus.

    What is a CT scan?

    The term CT scan stands for Computer Tomography scan which helps doctors to see inside the human body. This technique makes use of a combination of X-ray and computer to create detailed images of your body organs, bones and other tissues.

    How does it work?

    The scan generated images of your body parts from different angles with the use of X-ray beams and computer. This creates one cross-sectional picture of your body parts (like a slice of bread). The process is repeated again to create more images (more slices). These images are then placed on top of the other to form a detailed view of the body organ, bone or tissue scanned.

    How does CT scan help detect Covid-19 presence?

    Covid19 being a respiratory disease, it directly affects your lungs. Imaging the lungs with the help of CT scan helps to know whether the virus has reached your lungs in contrast to PCR test which only tests the presence of virus in throat and nose. CT scan helps to know the extent of damage caused by the virus to the lungs. Also, many cases have been reported where PCR tests have shown negative results but CT scan has confirmed the presence of virus in the body. Since CT scan is quite sensitive, it can detect the damage accurately.

    What does the CT scan result indicate?

    1. CO-RADS 1 to CO-RADS 3 – Low Level of Infection
    2. CO-RADS 4 – Suspicious for Covid19
    3. CO-RADS 5 & CO-RADS 6 – Covid19 Positive with lung damage

    What to do if CT scan shows lung damage?

    Once CT scan detects lung damage you should immediately consult your doctor and start the needed medical treatment. Keep a regular check on your oxygen level and get hospitalized if your health degrades further. One can also start consuming N-Acetylcysteine or NAC. NAC is a semi-essential amino acid which is known to help fight the symptoms of respiratory related conditions including Covid19. It further helps in lung and liver detox; helps loosen & dislodge thick mucus, promotes production of powerful antioxidants – glutathione, helps build lung immunity and thereby protect lung and respiratory health. Breathing exercise and other home remedies will be beneficial too to recover from Covid19. 

    NAC Supplements for Lungs

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