PKL 2019: How Bengaluru Bulls Prepare for Every Match

How Bengaluru Bulls prepare for every PKL 2019 match with Fast&Up

Bengaluru Bulls are the Defending Champions of PKL 2019 and have played their first few matches in the same fashion. A team which has always presented its skills and have been in contention of winning every season, played to their full potential in Season 6 where they stormed their way through the finals to lift the Pro Kabaddi League trophy for the very first time in the 6th Season. With the likes of Pawan Kumar, Rohit Kumar, Ashish Sanghwan, Mahender Singh and others, Bulls are favourite this season too to defend their title of ‘The Defending Champions’.

How Bengaluru Bulls prepare for every PKL 2019 match with Fast&Up

Winning is the by-product of hard-work & training. BULLS - a power team and defending champions hustle hard in their training. They just don't train to say fit, they perform in every practice like it is match day to become the best from the rest and to fuel their hustle of winning. Fast&Up, a leading Sports Nutrition brand in India is the Nutrition Partner of Bengaluru Bulls.


Bulls are aware of the fact that fitness and more importantly nutrition is essential for excellence. And for this they make sure that their everyday nutritional needs are met. They take help of Fast&Up Activate to boost the oxygen availability to muscle cells so as to increase energy and stamina for their everyday workout. It helps them to get work for longer hours on their fitness and physique. To enhance muscle strength, muscle endurance and muscle recovery from their workout, Bulls take the help of Fast&Up BCAA. It powers their workout and supports on both training and rest days.
How Bengaluru Bulls prepare for every PKL 2019 match with Fast&Up
On the kabaddi mat, players need to be quick and agile so that they can score many points for their team. And due to constant running and sweat, the body loses electrolytes and if these are not restored immediately then the player may feel drained and exhausted. At this time, Bulls sip Fast&Up Reload which helps them to replenish the lost electrolytes. They take the help of Energy Gels to get instant energy boost during the match so that the player can put I extra effort while he is raiding or defending. Both help players to ace their game in every match. #BeFastandUpWithTheBulls
How Bengaluru Bulls prepare for every PKL 2019 match with Fast&Up
After having played a tough match, players need to recover well from it to be match-fit for the next game. One might feel that 40 minutes is not a big deal but in reality, this is not the case. Players put in a lot of efforts and hard work during this short period and this increases the risk of injury especially when players try to give in extra to help their team win. Fast&Up Recover helps Bulls to recover from the match and be ready for the next day be it on the very next day after few days. Bulls are always charged.


Fitness has become inevitable for success. Nutrition helps a player to attain best fitness level which helps them to show their talent and skills at the highest level. Bengaluru Bulls are well aware of this fact and thus, they put in a lot of hard work along with Fast&Up products to remain fit and healthy. This will surely help them to defend their title of champions. A Champion team with a Champion Dream.
How Bengaluru Bulls prepare for every PKL 2019 match with Fast&Up
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