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How Athletes Can Stay Motivated Every Day During The Lockdown

  • Mayank and his go to summer drink 

Fast&up Mayank Home Quarantine Motivations

Even though the quarantine has put a halt on sports, it hasn’t stopped Mayank from staying in shape.
Check out the monk’s advice here –

  • Sonali Swami’s home workout 

Fast&up Sonali Swami’s home workout

If you want your workouts to be fun
you can look at Sonali using unconventional equipment like towels and pillows to workout here.
In her own words –


Fitness is for everyone, whether you are a home maker or an office worker or a professional sports person 👫
Most people, especially women, who have never exercises before are hesitant to start 🏋️
So, here I am showing a few exercise routines ideal for beginners 🚶‍♀️
Here’s why the following home workout is a great way to start your fitness journey and stop making excuses: ☑️ No equipment required
☑️ Use common household items like pillows and towels
☑️ Simple exercises even total beginners can do
☑️Short, under 10-minute workouts ideal for busy people”

  • Olly Esse on the importance of maintaining a routine

How the Fast&Up athletes are keeping us motivated to stay fit during the lockdown

Olly Esse is a badass, if you don’t know her
Check out her profile –

It doesn’t matter if there is a lockdown, it will not stop her from being her aesthetic self.

In her own words –
“The schedule of the day might be more important than you think. Obviously no one will wake up at the same time as we all feel more lazy, but, since we have still whole day - let's plan it well, so it all have more sense and you will be less bored.
Main thing to remember is that you have to get good quality and quantity of sleep. Then a wholesome breakfast - dedicate more time to it - now u can chew it out without stress. Then it's time for u to focus on your daily work/study/ creating content/ workout. I understand that there's great amount of work and study for each and one of you, even if it doesn't look like.
Next step goes always to good lunch and spending some time on interaction with friends or reading the news.
Same thing for PM hours just to finish the day with light supper and a good movie or book.
Please consider to reduce food quantity, we're not moving so much, so we have to consider the calories expenses are not that big ( if you are an essential worker - then please don't modify your diet and big thank you 🙏)
Don't forget to set up the time for sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time, sleep as everything else needs its routine.”