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High Energy Snacks to Boost Runners Performance

In the process of changing your diet for becoming a high-performance athlete you need to know what you eat. Eating right between your three meals can help you boost your performance significantly.

Snacking up adequately can help you perform better in your workouts, whether it be running, HIT, Gym workout or even core.
Here are a few high energy snacks one can consume for getting out the best performance during runs.

High Energy Snacks to Boost Runners Performance

  • Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are something that are high in vitamins, minerals and fibres which are great for generating energy in your body. Dried fruits are something which can be kept in your pocket to be nibbled on throughout the day. Dried fruits are used in almost all energy bars for their energy boosting capabilities.

High Energy Snacks to Boost Runners Performance - Fruits

  • Fruits

Having fruits like a banana which contains 30g of carbs is like a go-to for most runners. They are high in potassium and magnesium. They are very easy on your stomach so you don’t feel very heavy while on the run.

Another option is Watermelons. They are refreshing and are a great for replenishing when you feel dehydrated. Watermelons are supposed to be usually consumed right after losing a lot of sweat could be after a 5K run.

High Energy Snacks to Boost Runners Performance - Protein

  • Proteins

Protein supplementation can be done in different forms. People prefer protein shakes but can also opt for protein pancakes or smoothies which is a great snack for boosting your performance on the field.

  • Other Supplements 

High Energy Snacks to Boost Runners Performance - Protein Supplements

There are many other different kinds of supplements that help you boost your endurance, performance and help you achieve that extra mile. The energy superfoods have been called as the plant-based pre-workouts which have been of great help to runners for boosting their performance. This is to be consumed just before workout to unleash your best.

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