Why Inflammation is Dangerous – How to Reduce it by using Antioxidants and Immunity Boosters

Hidden Dangers of Inflammation

It is a natural instinct that each and every living organism protects itself when it experiences a threat. This is done by initiating a series of actions which will either neutralize the danger or slow down its progression to a certain extent. Similar process is carried out in the body in which our body’s immune system responds when it encounters any foreign material which tends to disrupt the smooth body functioning. This is known as Inflammation.

Inflammation is the process by which your body protects itself from the injuries, infections etc. Inflammation can be categorized as acute and chronic inflammation. Our body cells respond to the injury or infection by accumulating the white blood cells which leads to swelling in that particular area of infection/injury which prevents it from spreading further and is mostly over before you know it.

When the acute inflammation fails, it turns to chronic inflammation. This might happen when you are exposed to a health irritants for a long period of time. This includes pollutants, harmful chemical from industry outlets etc. Chronic inflammation caused due to untreated acute inflammation for a long time is handled by medication in order to avoid further damage to your health. Apart from the foreign infection, our immune system mistakenly attacks its own healthy cells known as autoimmunity.

Inflammation exhibits commonly visible symptoms such as swelling, redness of localized infected area, fatigue, fever etc. But there are certain masked effects of this condition which are either not known by many or gets unnoticed easily. Let us see some of the hidden dangers that are caused by inflammation.

Heart diseases - One of the leading causes of heart attacks is the formation of plaques in the blood vessels due to cholesterol deposition. For the body, this plaque is similar to an abnormality in the blood vessels which can cause an immune response by initiating the swelling thereby obstructing the blood flow in muscles caused due to inflammation.

Impact on Digestive track - Our digestive track consists of healthy bacteria which help in digestion which are attacked by own immune system. Thus the inflammation leads to number of complications such as stomach cramps, diarrhea etc. The conditions may sometimes become worse in case of ulcers in intestine causing prolonged stomach irritation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis(RA) - Many of us have come across this term but easily confuse it with arthritis (caused due to tissue damage around joints. RA is a condition in which the immune system attacks the body’s joints which causes inflammation exhibiting symptoms like pain, muscle stiffness etc.

Need for Stronger immunity

It is indeed important to have a healthy immune system which will help in eliminating a number of ailments before they turn to mess up more with our health. Including appropriate dietary habits in our daily routine, supplementing with adequate immune boosters is perhaps the most widely used solution for preventive health measures.

Certain naturally occurring foods such as Amla which are power packed with immune boosting properties of Vitamin C. It helps in naturally uplifting the health status with resistance against immunity challenges thereby helping against chronic inflammation.

Supplement to support the natural diet

Supplementation brings about the active intake of immune boosters which are mainly formulated for maintaining the defensive action of the body against irritants encountered in day-to-day life. Another key factor which helps for strengthening the immune system is Zinc which acts as an antioxidant. It acts in synergy with Vitamin C to fight against infections more effectively.

Our immunity is vulnerable falling prey to numerous factors such as stress, pollution, improper eating habits, infections etc. The best change to maintain it is by nourishing the immune system to make it stronger and better with proper nutrition.

“Immunity is like a biological firewall safeguarding our health. Keep it intact to keep yourself fit.”

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Abhijeet Jagtap

-Expert and Writer