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Health Benefits of Physical Activities

Published : Aug 27, 2019 4 mins read Updated On : Sep 15, 2023

Getting indulged into regular physical activities gives you long term health benefits and Think of physical activity as a- Medication you need to take daily.

There are many reasons how and why physical activities boost your health, and there is no age restriction to it. It’s never too late to jumpstart with a healthy lifestyle. Physical activities along with proper nutrition is beneficial to people with all age groups, it will help you lead towards an active lifestyle. Physical activities only make you look better but also make you feel better and live better, then why not?

Impact of Physical activity on your health

            ✔It prevents chronic diseases.             

            ✔Controls your body weight

            ✔Makes your muscle stronger

            ✔Improves sleeping pattern 

            ✔It’s a natural mood lifter

            ✔It’s a stress buster     

            ✔Increase your self-esteem.

Here are a few physical activities- which will mold you into the best version of you:

  • Walking/ Running: Now that it is turning hotter, as the hot season of the year comes near the thought of staying in the house is more appealing than heading outside anywhere. And summer is the perfect season where you can learn how to run with the effort and not by the pace. Walk/ run with a feel and you will understand the value of running. Remember always warm-up, maintain a proper posture while running because the wrong posture can lead you to back problems.

There are many benefits of running/ walking, running will help you get rid of those belly fats, will keep your heart healthy tone your legs, is a stress buster.

The most important thing one should remember while running is to rehydrate your body from time to time especially during summers because dehydration is deadly.
Health Benefits of Physical Activities
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Reload is available in four refreshing flavors Citrus, Berry, Cola, and Lime & Lemon.
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  • Swimming: As soon as the temperature rises people start heading towards the water if you haven’t taken the advantage of swimming during the hot season of the year, what are you waiting for? Summer has arrived. While you swim every inch of your body is in the movement, it helps reduce back problems, helps relieve stress, lose weight, and improve your sleeping pattern and many other health benefits.
    Health Benefits of Physical Activities
  • Soccer: Ah soccer, we usually term it as football. It is played in most of the countries. Playing football improves your aerobic capacity and cardiovascular health, also builds strength and endurance. Football gives you multiple benefits, like it teaches coordination, promotes teamwork and sharing, it also helps your skills in terms of concentration, persistence, and self-discipline.
    Health Benefits of Physical Activities
  • Hiking: Hiking increases your body stamina, undoubtedly while hiking our body endurance rises, but the best part is while doing this you have no idea how good your body stamina is getting. While on trails, walking long distances, while climbing up your body gains more stamina. While trekking up and down the legs and the back gets stronger and stronger. Hiking also boosts your creativity, have you ever felt dull, or uncreative that happens because of the monotony at home. When in such a situation go try hiking.
    Health Benefits of Physical Activities
    The fact is hiking boosts the Vitamin D factor in the body, Vitamin D deficiency leads to deformity and soft bones. The early morning sunlight is vital for boosting the Vitamin D level in the body. It enables the body to absorb calcium strengthening the immune system. Hiking helps you fortify bone health.

  • Dancing: Dancing is a way to stay fit for people of all age, shape or size. Dancing has multiple health and physical benefits, it increases your aerobic fitness, improves your muscle strength and tones your body into a good shape. Dancing diverts your mind and improves your psychological well being.
    Health Benefits of Physical Activities
    Fuel yourself with Fast&Up Activate, which is India’s first effervescent range of nutrition. Fast&Up Activate is a pre-workout supplement, which is a combination of L-Arginine, L-Carnitine, Lycopene and other essential active nutrients.
  • Activate enhance Nitric oxide content in the body which in turn will help you perform even intense workout with lesser exertion.

Tasmiya Wadia
Tasmiya Wadia
Healthy Lifestyle

Tasmiya is very bubbly and friendly who thinks that health is something that starts from inside and for you inside to be good, you need to feed yourself with healthy, nutritious yet delicious food.... Read More

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