National Best Friends Day 2019 - 8th June


“Yeh dosti, hum nahi todege; todege dum magar tera saath na chodenge’’ is the iconic song & Jay and Viru are the iconic Best Friends that come to one’s mind as soon as they hear Friendship, Pakki Dosti, Best Friend etc. Best Friend is a blessing and the most precious gift one could ever receive in his/her life.


Another Friendship which is very similar and strong is of Fast&Up Reload and Water. Both of them always travel together and their friendship seems to be made for each other. They both are hydrating partners which helps to reduce fatigue and provide instant energy to a person. Their bond is just unbreakable. They are just amazing when it comes to beating the heat.


Best Friends are connected through their hearts and no one can tear them apart. Best Friend is the one whom you choose to cry in front of, to speak your heart, to share a laugh, to make pranks on people, to keep your secrets, to live every precious moment and to live till the end of your life. A Best Friend is like your human diary and your other half. Best Friend always stands beside you, fights for you, takes care of you and most significantly loves you as you are.

Even though a day is less to celebrate all virtues of Best Friend and all his/hersacrifice and love for you but on eve of 8th of June which will be celebrated as Best Friend Day, you should thank your Best Friend for being the heart and soul of your life. For listening to your stupidest jokes, for handling you when you are heart broken, for handling your madness, for just handling you.


Posting a photo with you Best Friend on Instagram with some funky caption is what everyone will do but what you can do is go and spend time with your Best Friend and cherish your relationship. You can order a pizza and couple it up with your favourite ice cream or just crash some party or go play sports or just do what you both love which will further enhance your bond.

8th June is followed by a weekend and nothing can be a better plan than to celebrate Best Friend Day by going on a road trip or travelling to some place where you both can relax and enjoy your alone time and make your bond more stronger. Travel can do a number to your health. Travelling can be fun but it can also be stressful, hectic and tough on your body. Fast&Up Travel Essentials offers Easy to Carry products that help you hydrate and maintain overall health while you're on the road, in the air or anywhere without compromising on your health. To maintain your health while you travel, click here.


A Best Friend is the one who shares same qualities as you do and yet has many others of them that makes both of you complete. Everyone would want that his/her Best Friend lives a happy and a healthy life. You can gift your Best Friend Fast&UpActive Nutrition products which will help him/her stay healthy and fit.

Fast&Up has its own set of Best Friends which are Charge and Fortify. Both of them contain Calcium which is essential to maintain strong and healthy bones and yet both have other elements which help to maintain over health of a person. Fast&Up Charge has Zinc which is important to body in many ways and helps to keep our immune system in check whereas Fast&Up Fortify contains vital minerals like Magnesium, Vitamin D3 and other Vitamins which supplement to maintain bone health. These will improve your Best Friend’s health for sure.

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Neel Visaria

-Expert and Writer