The Premier League! Can You Guess Who Is Back

Guess who is back ! THE PREMIER LEAGUE!

Guess who is back ! THE PREMIER LEAGUE !

And if the community shield was an indicator of what lies ahead. It is going to be action-packed for 9 months.

Weekend plans sorted. With everyone becoming a pundit again and bantering with friends because of their fantasy league points.

Get hyped because

1. Transfers and new faces 

The most expensive defender in the history of football – Harry Maguire is now a Manchester United player, will he live up to the hype?
And the transfer window hasn’t even ended yet.
How are the teams lining up this season, stronger than the last one, or is it just on paper?

Guess who is back ! THE PREMIER LEAGUE !

2. Who is going to finish in the top 4?

The traditional top 4 is a thing of the past with Leicester City coming out of nowhere and winning the title, and new contenders like Spurs and city gunning for the top spots, it is going to be an interesting race

3. How will the English teams fare in Europe

Last year saw two English teams contesting for the most coveted trophy in Europe, with Liverpool emerging the winners, how will they do this season, could they follow suit of Real Madrid and go on to defend their title.

Guess who is back ! THE PREMIER LEAGUE !

4. Who will be the top scorer?

With Chelsea’s talisman Eden Hazard going to Madrid who will hold the reigns at Chelsea and it also opens up a spot at the top of the most goals list to be filled will it be Kane, Aguero or Mo Salah?

Guess who is back ! THE PREMIER LEAGUE !

So many questions will be answered
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Tarun Kathuria

-Expert and Writer

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