International Yoga Day 2019 - Fuel Your Soul with Yoga

Fuel Your Soul this World Yoga Day

Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self. The word Yoga means ‘To Unite’. It is the unification of a person with himself, with his soul. Yoga is a practise to live a healthy life. The entire body gets purified with yoga. Yoga believes that Nervous system affects the body and Yoga help one to strengthen the same and align the mind through meditation to live a peaceful and blooming life.

Fuel Your Soul this World Yoga Day

Yoga has been deeply rooted in Indian Culture and Civilization. But with time the practice of Yoga has modified as well. The Indian Youth are now more interested in Yoga and practise it as now they have recognized the importance of inner peace to achieve excellence. They now take time out of their schedule to practise it. Many schools are incorporating Yoga in their curriculum to inculcate a good habit in their students which can stay with them for a lifetime.

Fuel Your Soul this World Yoga Day

With the increasing use of modern-day gadgets and improper food habits which can affect a human adversely, Yoga comes to ones rescue to purify oneself from all the toxins. This helps an individual to stay away from diseases and stay injury free. Yoga makes a person more agile and flexible and aids to build strong muscles and toned body shape. Yoga helps you to look physically more attractive. Meditation helps enhance respiratory tract, increase energy, boost metabolism and the benefits go on and on which help an individual to live a happy and healthy life.

Yoga is generally practised in a park or in the playground where there is fresh air in order to gain the full benefits out of it. But with the monsoon season in India, rains may play a spoil-sport to ones plans to do Yoga. In such a case one can always revert to doing Yoga from home. Also, many people have a hectic work schedule which allows them very little or no time to do Yoga. In such situation, it is important that such people meet their nutritional needs in order to be healthy.

Fuel Your Soul this World Yoga Day

People who are unable to practise Yoga shall make sure that they take active care of their health. This will ensure them a healthy happy life. Building strong immunity helps a person to remain healthy and away from various diseases. A Strong Immunity helps a person to fight cold, cough and other such harms caused by rains.

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Neel Visaria

-Expert and Writer