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The Airtel Hyderabad Marathon 2018 is finally here, and Fast&Up is as excited as you are! That's because we are ready to meet you guys on 25th and 26th August, at the expo booth at the Hyderabad Marathon. As the Official Electrolyte Partner for the marathon, we have a lot of amazing stuff that you will surely love. FOUR THINGS THAT MAKE HYDERABAD FAMOUS This year, the marathon has gotten an overwhelming response, with people registering from various parts of the country. Now whether you're in Hyderabad this weekend to run the marathon of just to cheer your friends on, Hyderabad is one of the most beautiful cities in India and we thought we'd tell you what are some of the things that make Hyderabad famous. So here goes..

The Heritage

FOUR THINGS THAT MAKE HYDERABAD FAMOUS Hyderabad has been the capital of various kingdoms and some of India's greatest dynasties in the past. After having seen kingdoms and regimes not only from India but from all around the world has made it a melting pot of cultures. The bustling bazaars, the old world charm, the Indo-Islamic architecture, all exude the heritage of this city. It can be found everywhere, from its monuments, to its cuisine to its people. The Golconda Fort, Qutb Shahi tombs, Charminar, Chowmahalla Palace are some of the iconic buildings that are famous in Hyderabad and which portray the heritage of Hyderabad.

The Cuisine

FOUR THINGS THAT MAKE HYDERABAD FAMOUS Hyderabadi Biryani. For someone who has had the chance to taste this delicacy, just the name is enough to leave you salivating. And for someone who hasn't tried it yet, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? One of the things that makes the cuisine in this city so distinct is its heritage. The Ghizaayat of Hyderabad has been greatly influenced by the various Muslim sultanates that ruled Hyderabad, and its most famous dish is the mutton biryani. With the cuisine being a mix of Mughal, Telugu, Turkish and Arabic, the city has other great dishes to offer, like Sheer Khurma, Michi ka Salan and Dum Pukht.

The People

FOUR THINGS THAT MAKE HYDERABAD FAMOUS Hyderabad, called the City Of Pearls or the City of Nizams is famous for these things, but it is also known for its people. Because of Hyderabad's melting pot heritage, we see people of different cultures in this city. Friendliness and smiling faces pervade this city, where they are always happy to help you and share their stories with you. The language spoken here, a mix of Telugu, Urdu and Hindi leaves you mesmerized. Hyderabad is a city which is the perfect mix of old world charm and modern culture, and the people of Hyderabad portray that well.

The Airtel Hyderabad Marathon

FOUR THINGS THAT MAKE HYDERABAD FAMOUS This weekend, Hyderabad will witness the 88th edition of the Airtel Hyderabad Marathon. One of the largest marathons in India, it is also known as one of the toughest city marathons. Starting at Necklace Road, what follows is a challenging route including three flyovers and hills. Every year, thousands of participants register for the marathon and come from all over the country. The four categories include a 5K fun run, 10K run, a half marathon and the full marathon. This event certainly makes Hyderabad famous as people pour in to run or even just to support the marathoners.

This year, over 22,000 people have registered for the three main events happening on 26th August. Fast&Up will also be there, cheering you on, as the Official Electrolyte Partner.

And now, we wish you all the best for your Hyderabad Marathon 2018. Share this with your running buddies as well!

Pooja Kumar

-Expert and Writer