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Foods With More Vitamin C Than Oranges

Foods With More Vitamin C Than Oranges

What is Vitamin C

Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid is a water soluble vitamin naturally occurring in many citrus fruits and green leafy vegetables. Human body cannot produce or store vitamin C hence it is very important to consume vitamin C on a regular basis. The Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA) of vitamin C is 40 mg/day in adults.

Citrus foods are the best source of vitamin C and the most common fruit that everybody knows is orange. Orange is an excellent source of vitamin C which provides 70 mg of vitamin C. But it is not the fruit that contains the most amount of vitamin C. Let’s understand what are other foods that provide more amount of vitamin C.

  • Kakadum Plums:

It is an Australian native superfood that contains 100 times more vitamin C than orange. It provides 5300 mg of vitamin C per 100 gm. It can provide up to 530 time the daily requirement. It is mainly important for eye health.

  • Amla:

100 mg of amla has 600 mg of vitamin C. It helps in improving the health of hair and skin. Amla also helps to fight common cold.

  • Acerola cherries:

It provide 822 mg of vitamin C. Some studies have shown that acerola cherries have cancer fighting abilities. It also helps in preventing skin damage and DNA damage caused by bad diet.

  • Rose Hips:

It is loaded with rich vitamin C. Rose hip contains 119 mg of vitamin C. It primarily helps in collagen synthesis which is essential for skin integrity. It is also helps in wound healing.

  • Chilli Paper:

Green chilli has more vitamin C (109 mg) than red chilli (65 mg). Chilli papers have high quality of capsaicin that is responsible for pain management and inflammation.

  • Guava:

 It is a very common eaten food in India. A single guava fruit provides 160 mg of vitamin C. it is rich in anti-oxidant lycopene. It is found that consuming around 7 pieces of guava aids in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

  • Blackcurrants :

About half a cup or 50gm of blackcurrant provides 101 mg of vitamin C. anti-oxidants like anthocyanins which can help in heart disease, cancer and neurodegenerative disease.

  • Kiwis :

A pack of kiwi can provide 71 mg of vitamin C. kiwi may help in reducing oxidative stress, lower cholesterol and improves immunity.

  • Broccoli :

It is a cruciferous vegetable that provide 51 mg of vitamin C. the main benefits of broccoli is that it helps to decrease the risk of cancer.

  • Lemons:

One raw lemon provides 83 mg of vitamin C. lemon juice is rich with anti-oxidants. It was given to people to prevent against scurvy.

  • Papayas :

A cup of papaya can provide up to 87gm of vitamin C. it aids in memory and has anti-inflammatory effects on brain. 

Vitamin C Rich Foods

As we can see from above Vitamin C foods are crucial for multiple health aspects. We can find good amount of vitamin C in multiple fruits and vegetable. We must include these fruit and vegetables in your daily diet. Many doctors and dieticians recommend vitamin supplements to achieve your daily requirement of vitamin C.

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