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Five Unconventional Sports We Bet You Didn't Know of!

We all know mainstream sports like hockey, football, cycling but turns out these are pass? in the world of unicycle hockey and toe wrestling! In the unending universe of sports, people can get very creative and invent new sports out of traditions or just whacky thoughts. Here are a few unique, unusual sports from around the world that are sure to amuse you! Read on ?


This one is considered as the goofiest in the history of sports, it is a sport of running while jogging. Funny right? It is a real thing. It was introduced in the late 1970s by Bill Giduz, who has also run several joggling marathons, it is considered to be a fun sport drawing attention of the crowd and making everyone giggle! Can you try? We?ve heard this is challenging to your cognitive senses too!Joggle

Wife Lifting Carrying!Wife Lifting Carrying

When you saw Ayushmann Khurana - Bhumi Pednekar in ?Dum Lagaa Ke Haisha? they were playing an actual international sport! This sport originates from Finland, where male competitors race to carry their wives through obstacles and the winner gets a traditional price of the wife?s weight in BEER or even five times her weight in CASH! Say whaaaa?


The history of this game goes way back in 1976 in Derbyshire, United Kingdom and it started in a pub. With shoes off, the competitors face each other in ?toedium? interlocking their toes attempting to force the opponent?s foot into the ground, pretty much like arm wrestling! ?* imagining how funny it looks *toe-wrestling

Chess Boxing

This is one is exactly as it sounds ? where competitors have 11 rounds and they alternate between playing traditional boxing and a game of chess, they also have to be highly skilled in both boxing and chess in order to compete at the highest level. It is a composition of both knockout and check-mating your opponent! Interesting, right?Chess Boxing

Uni (que) cycle Hockey

Umm, isn?t riding a unicycle or playing hockey individually challenging enough? Doesn?t seem so! It is played in a team of 5 and players ride a unicycle, with both their feet on the pedal and while they play traditional game of hockey, simultaneously. And what?s more, a minimum of 16 countries have Unicycle Hockey teams like Switzerland, Germany, etc. Wow!cycle Hockey

Interesting right? Let us know, if you too are aware about any unique, interesting or a different sport across the world!
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