Five quick tips to beat Race Day nerves - Fast&Up

Five quick tips to beat Race Day nerves

quick tips to beat Race Day nerves - Fast&Up

Keeping yourself calm before race day can be difficult, especially if it’s your first race. The pressure is real and it’s not unusual for people to struggle with stress and burden you with negative thoughts.

One of the major causes of race-day stress is the fear of the unknown, which includes all the possible things that could go wrong. Will you be the last person to finish the race? Will you be able to break a personal record? What if you can’t go on any longer?

The key to calm your nerves is to give your best with what you’ve got and surrender to running your best on the day of the race. Elite runners always get to the race with the win in mind. They don’t bother much about the time. They can win the race and run the slowest time. They can also lose the race and still run a personal record. Letting go of the expectation will help you run for the win. For them, finishing strong is winning, even if the watch is slower than you expected.

You are not alone in dealing with race day anxiety. Here are few Strategies to look out for before race day

1) Follow a pre-race ritual

Have a go-to schedule of events to turn to before race day. This will provide structure, focus, and familiarity. For eg, laying out your clothes, reviewing racecourse for elevation, turns to take, photo opportunities, and waking up early to arrive 1 hour before the race is all part of your pre-race rituals that will help you come prepared.

2) Visualize:

Visualize your goals and each hurdle that you might have to deal with. Go through the entire route and ask yourself what probable setbacks can occur along the way and how you would deal with it. Once you have your backup strategies in place it's likely to make you less nervous.

3) Go back to your Training

Before race day thinks about how hard you trained for it, all the workouts you thought you couldn’t do, but crushed it anyway. Think about your hardest training days and how you made it through despite the odds. This will help keep you motivated.

4) Get away from the starting line

Standing next to the race line does less to soothe your nerves. For shorter marathons like 5K, it’s better if you utilize that time for warm-ups. Focus on yourself and try not to get distracted by other runners.

5) Get in tune with your inner GPS

Starting line is the perfect place for a mini-meditation. One minute of quality zen time at the starting line can lower your heart rate and improve your connection and awareness to your by.

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