Runner Ankitha Gaur Fitness Tips, and SCMM 2017

Fitness goals & how to stick to them - Read to know how super runner Ankitha Gaur does it all!

Happy New Year Folks!

2017 - A new year with some new goals, but no new resolutions. I don?t believe in any New Year resolutions since I know I will break them halfway after realizing they were futile to begin with or I might just find something more exciting to replace them with. Goals, for me, are easy to work with :)

I kick started 2017 on a healthy note, doing what I love the most, running. Unlike 2016, where I just ran, checked my performance data and forgot all about it, in the new running season I plan to evaluate my performance data, track it and work on my weaknesses. I also plan to race very few races this year. My focus is going to be on achieving a fitter racing physique with the right nutrition and diet. I don?t have a set plan for it yet, but once I do I will definitely share it with you guys!

Barely a week left for SCMM, and most of us have already started tapering for the run. I couldn?t afford to cut down on my mileage, as my coach has designed my training for a race which is post SCMM, somewhere in April and I was advised to keep following the plan without any changes in the running mileage.

However to compensate for this, I have drastically cut down on my strength training. No, I haven't stopped it, but I have resorted to very light weights, more core workouts and the focus is greater on rolling and stretching.

I have increased my fluid intake, it?s not just limited to plain water anymore, but salts too. I?m having Fast&Up Reload every day, even on the days I?m not running. Not missing out on Fast&Up Prototal at all, as this is really helping me in maintain my energy levels. There is no hard and fast rule to consume ProTotal, you can have it anytime, even right after your meal or anytime during the day.

The Great New Year Run.

It was the first morning of the New Year and being a runner, you just can?t miss out on running on 1st January. Brijesh had suggested an easy paced 30K run that day with only the last 5K at Marathon Pace. Since it was the morning post New Year?s Eve and we had to start early, Ratan and I decided that it was the safest idea to head to Cubbon Park and run there, which was a very wise decision indeed. We started running around?4:30AM?but when you are destined to run on the wide open roads, with taxis and cars continuously blessing your run with high beam lights, who can stop you.

I consumed Fast&Up Activate before beginning, and loaded my tiny bottle with enough Fast&Up Reload to last for 21km. We must've run 7Km inside Cubbon Park when my shoe came off and I was left with no choice but to drive back home and change (it was still quite dark and Ratan was completely against running on the road).We reached, I changed and then left the car in Indiranagar and started running towards Cubbon Park, day light had started breaking by now.?We had planned a small New Year celebration run with cakes and some goodies and I was supposed to meet my buddies for the same; I was already running late so I had no option but to crank up the speed. Talk about easy pace running.

As I was reaching the Brigade road and MG road crossing I was horrified to see thousands of slippers, sandals, shoes scattered all around, up to 300-400m and barricades broken. Aloof about the incident which occurred that night, I rehydrated?myself and continued to run. I met my friends at the 18Km mark, Anil and I picked up our pace & we finished 31km. I?m so glad I took Ratan's advice that early morning.

"If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner." ~ Nelson Mandela

The last long run with Anil before SCMM, especially the last 13km were just superb and quite thrilling.?Interval workouts have been one of my weakness; I?m okay when it comes to Tempo runs but I used to be really miserable at Intervals, missing my targets most of the time. Improvement in my pace and the ability to hold it has been one of the major gains in the last 6 weeks. I couldn't squeeze as many long runs for SCMM as I wanted to, but I?m still pretty satisfied with the overall improvement in my running.

A fitter tomorrow is the only way ahead My last run before SCMM will be around 25km, post that I have planned only recovery runs leading up to the race day. With the excitement building up for the race I really need to find some ways to calm down, I?m thinking about a yoga class or even reducing my coffee intake!

Certainly can?t wait for the race, more updates coming your way soon!