First Marathon You better read this!

First Marathon You Better Read This!

Okay, pro runners, I think you guys are gonna have to sit this one out! (Not literally). We at Fast&Up believe that everyone should strive towards a fit and active lifestyle. Some people like to take baby steps, whereas some people like to take part in a marathon. We are sure those of you who have been in a marathon before have got the run down (pun intended) on how things are at an event. And for the first time runners - pay close attention. In order to cover a bit of everything, we are gonna talk about the things you need to know in three broader areas. i.e. - before the race, during the race, and after the race.

Before the Race:

1) Why do it in the first place We are sure each one of us has finished a marathon as part of our bucket list. We all want to feel cheered by a crowd of people who probably do not know us just because it makes us feel like a rock star. Apart from that, you get the satisfaction of having the bragging rights that come with accomplishing such a feat. You may even get to meet new people, be a part of a new culture. It's also a great opportunity to spend time with friends and family.

2) Know thyself! Let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet. It's important to know that there is a lot of physical and mental stress on anyone taking part in a marathon, so according to your level of fitness and training; it isn't advisable to just go for the full package in your first try. You're better off trying a shorter 5 or 10km marathon or even a half marathon before just to know your ability and not be demoralised for your next run.

3) Nutrition! It's important to keep a balanced diet from about 48 hrs before the run starts. A balanced portion of protein, carbs, and fats is suitable. Overeating isn't a good idea, you do not want a knot in your tummy while running. A pre-run drink can also be a good idea, an area where Fast&Up Activate might serve you well. Any endurance sport puts a lot of stress on your body. Stress causes the release of free radicals which in turn cause EXIOS or Exercise-Induced Oxidative stress. Antioxidants like vitamin C, which is packed in Fast&Up Charge helps prevent damage caused by these free radicals.

4) Gear Invest in clothes in which you feel comfortable running in. A decent pair of shoes is a good idea as well. Stock up a few energy gels to give you fuel throughout your run and delay fatigue. Fast&Up Maltogel deserves a try don't you think? And remember, nothing new on race day. No new clothes or shoes that you wanna break into during the race, always stick to something you've used and trusted!

During the Race:

1) Don't start out too fast! You don't want to drain your energy store at the beginning of the race and let fatigue get to you early on during your run.

2) Stay motivated! If you feel like giving up, which at some point it's likely you will, DON'T! visualise crossing the finish line, take in the cheer of the crowd, talk to yourself, start running with a group of people who match your pace, most of all belief in yourself. Do everything you have to keep yourself going.

3) Fuel & Hydration! Remember those energy gels we talked about earlier? Take one when you feel like you're about to feel fatigued. Also, electrolytes are equally important to keep you going. Something Fast&Up Reload is an expert in!

4) You probably won't come in last There are a lot of people who walk or go slow but finish the race, tag along with them and odds are, you won't come last.

5) The Beatdown Embrace the beating your body is about to receive. Blisters, broken toenails, cramps and plenty of chafing is what you have to look forward to. We have to say though, the satisfaction at the end of it all is totally worth it! (For the chafing - Vaseline EVERYWHERE! Seriously.)

After the Race:

1) Recovery Food! You just earned yourself a Get-Out-Of-Jail-Free card by what you just did. Your body won't mind taking in carbs. Apart from that, for your muscles to recover, try a blend of amino acids like that in Fast&Up Recover!

2) Pamper your body! Well, pampering might be the tiniest overstatement. The stretching you're about to do might just be more painful than the running but, it is a necessary evil to prevent the penguin walking you are about to do the day after. Ever wonder why all these athletes jump in a tub full of ice water? Well, today you can be like one of them. Coldwater helps heal your body faster. And you can still get into the pampering part with a nice massage. Hey, you earned it!

For more information about Race and Running click here.

Happy Running!

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