Fast&Up Terra Launch Party- As it happened

Published : Jul 23, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022

    When you hear the word “Party” it usually involves a lot of food, games, lights, fun and most importantly all getting together at one place. It is then you actually get the sense of enjoying something or you know that you are in a party. Because let’s accept a party with no crowd to carry is not something we would really like to have. 

    Fast&Up Terra Launch Party- As it happened

    However, the current situation has been biting all of us lately to the extent that even going for a grocery errand feels too much and a riskier affair. Right from the beginning of 2020, things didn’t turned out the way many of us expected. Various plans, ideas, thoughts took a toll over due to unavoidable circumstances.

    However, things really shines at its best when it is tested and challenged multiple times. That’s when we as a brand stood up, fought against all odds and took this leaping step of launching our new range of products in a nation-wide lockdown.

    No launch is complete without a celebration or a party. Although, it was a next to impossible thought to host a celebration during a lockdown, and hence, following all the nitty-gritties of safety and wellness of everyone we hosted a one-of-a-kind digitally organized celebration. Yes, you read it right! A digital party which was no less than your normal one.

    The Terra launch party was conducted on Zoom, a party first of its kind and a fun affair which clearly displays the spirit of our guests and everyone who attended the same indicating despite being distanced, we are never distant enough to share joys and celebration with each other. The party gave us the true essence of what it is to celebrate being healthy and active no matter what the situation.

    Hosted by the very lovely Sonali Swami who is also a Fitness Influencer and co-hosted by our very own in-house runner Shashank Desai. The Duo made sure there was never a dull moment throughout the event with their amazing anchoring and conversation. And as every party games has it, we too had a winner. This one crowned KS Bharat as the “Terra Party Animal” courtesy his amazing participation in the “Never have I Ever”.
    The guest lists had some of the finest fitness influencers like Deepti Akki, Arushi Chawla, Aakash Ranison, Purvi Shah, Sanjay Singh Sengar, Indian Cricketers- Mayank Agarwal, Faiz Fazal, KS Bharat, Sumit Kumar, Shikha Pandey, Shubham Ranjane, Tennis Maestro- Sathiyan Gnanasekaran, and Celebrity trainer- Samir Jaura.

    Some of the interesting facts that we all got enlightened with during the party were: Co-founder Varun Khanna grow all his greens, herbs in his own kitchen garden, almost all the guests have regretted a haircut once in their life, it took 81 trials for Fast&Up Plant Protein to arrive at the final one, the party gave as food combinations as funny and weird as ever- Chow Mein and curd, tea and ladoo, fries and milkshake, how are these for a combination.

    “There is so much that you can actually get from the nature, from the environment, from plants that you actually sometimes don’t realize. And the two products that you have in front of you: plant protein and Active greens are a lot of hard work, a lot of research. In fact, the plant protein took us 81 trials to get here, because the taste is a big challenge when it comes to plant based protein. The active greens are probably the finest ingredients from around the world.” Co- founder Varun Khanna during the party.

    “Quality has been a pillar stone for us and it will continue to be Nutrition and quality is something we would really like to cherish”- CEO Vijayaraghavan Venugopal

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    Shaista is passionate about anything related to sports and fitness. She has worked with many athletes and has in-depth knowledge about their training and nutrition. She is very particular about the... Read More

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