Self Care Kit: Fast&up Self Care Starts From Within

Self Care Kit: Fast&up Self Care Starts From Within

These unprecedented times have been disconcerting for all of us who have to cope with the struggles of maintaining the health of our loved ones and ourselves as we aim to protect our immunity through practices of self-care, which indeed starts from within.

Intelligent nutrition unlocks a powerful tool to strengthen the immunity of you and your loved ones. That’s why we introduced the Fast&Up Care kit which offers daily protection through a complete range of immunity-building nutrition. That’s why we introduced the Fast&Up Care kit which offers daily protection through a holistic approach to immunity-building nutrition.

Fast&Up Self Care Kit

Let’s take a look at how the Fast&Up care kit offers a holistic approach to immunity building nutrition that protects and strengthens the immune system through high-quality ingredients that assures real results.

1. Natural Vitamin C to boost your immunity

If there’s one word we’ve all heard when it comes to immunity-building it’s “vitamin C”. Although an unfortunate number of people opt for synthetic Vitamin C that results in side-effects and ineffective results. That’s why we introduced Fast&Up Charge with real Amla to strengthen your immunity with natural ingredients, which produce assured results and no side-effects!

2. Pure Curcumin to strengthen

Fast&Up has been recognized to use traditional ingredients and ramp it up with effervescent technology. That’s exactly what Fast&Up Curcumin has crystallized with pure and potent Curcumin with added Piperine: that has 50x times more absorbing power than regular Haldi. So next time you’re tired of having ‘haldi and milk’, think to switch to Fast&Up Curcumin that delivers more goodness from curcumin than any traditional recipe!

3. Zinc+Tulsi for extra immunity support.

Zinc is essential for your immune system, without it, your immunity is severely weakened.F ormulated with Elemental Zinc Sulphate and Standardized Tulsi Extract, Fast&Up Zinc supplement helps strengthen and safeguard daily immunity by providing strong defence against the harmful pathogens around us. It sure is is an ideal everyday essential for immunity and general well-being with 100% RDA of Zinc and 0 g Sugar.

4. N-Acetylcysteine to protect your lungs from environmental toxins

We live amidst pollution, germs and an array of potentially hramful pathogens that threaten us and take a toll on our respiratory systems. Afterall, we take 20,000 breaths a day and therefore our lungs are an essential part of our general well-being. N-Acetylcysteine offers a powerful way to cleanse and protect your lung health and lung immunity with intelligent nutrition. So, nourish and detox your lungs with Fast&Up N-Acetylcysteine

5. Detox & Strengthen With Plant-Based Power

Packed With Plant Power, Fast&Up Active Greens merges essential nutrients from land and sea to nourish general well-being with reduced acidity, healthy digestion, strong immunity and nutritional balance with clean and high-quality plant-based superfoods. Just add a scoop to your favourite smoothie and fuel your body with premier nutrients that detox, energize and strengthen your health.

Fast&up Immunity Boosters Self Care Kit

6. Personal Protective Equipment

The kit also contains personal protective equipment: a hand sanitizer and face-mask. Of course, needless to say, this is now an absolute essential, as good hygiene protects and secures our body from pathogens that can easily be avoided through simple measures of hygiene practices.

All in all, the Fast&up Care Kit delivers complete protection and care, during vulnerable times. Protect you and your loved ones with the Fast&Up care kit”.

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