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5 years ago, Fast&Up introduced simplified intelligent nutrition to fuel an active and healthy life. Today, it is India’s choice of nutrition to nourish the four fundamental pillars of an active life: immunity, sport, fitness, and daily health. Being the Official Nutrition Partner of the Chennai Super Kings- Fast&Up assures high-quality nutrition that uncompromisingly delivers exceptional results in the cleanest manner possible.

The year 2020, marked the unprecedented upheaval from the outbreak of COVID-19. This inadvertently brought health to the centre stage. During trying times like these, Fast&Up stood strong to nourish and protect the daily health of scores of people across the globe. It has left an indelible impression on all the people who are fuelled with Fast&Up. So, to mark the occasion of this 5-year anniversary let’s take a quick look back at how and why Fast&Up has revolutionized daily nutrition through scientifically designed fuel that uplifts and energizes like no other!

Fast&up Natural Vitamin C Supplements

Strengthening Immunity: The Natural Way

Fast&Up Charge contains natural vitamin C derived from Amlas- which has been proven in Ayurvedic medicine to be one of the best sources of natural vitamin C. It is also enriched with added Zinc to support your immunity with double the protection. Most people are aware of tha vitamin C is great for your immunity, but unfortunately they choose synthetic supplements that can lead to ineffective results and unpleasant side effects. Therefore, Fast&Up offers to boost your immunity- the natural way- preserving the goodness of nature.

Continuing the need for naturalized nutrition- Fast&Up made groundbreaking new waves with the introduction of their Terra Range- which offers plant-based nutrition that is raw and uncompromised. This new introduction formed the “Immunity Squad” which include: Active Greens, Curcumin, Charge and Vitalize. This allows one to detox, nourish, protect and strengthen!

The Assurance of Trust

Fast&Up has received the prestigious assurance of having their Fish-Oil Supplement and Plant Protein become Informed-Sport certified. This is a test you can trust, as the certification guarantees the highest quality of clean nutrition that is curated to be used for athletes around the world. Unfortunately, some surveys have reported that around 15% of supplements on the market contain banned-substances which can jeopardize an athlete’s reputation. Fast&Up is the nutrition you can trust.
Fast&up Promega Supplements

Complete Range of Nutrition

In today’s world most of us do not have the time to rely on just our daily diets to fulfill our nutritional requirements. Thus, Fast&Up’s complete nutritional range offers every facet of optimum nutrition in a simple, effective and intelligent manner. From the complete daily multivitamins to the iron-rich Spirulina- Fast&Up has you covered!

Fast&Up stands to be the nutrition of the nation to uplift and invigorate with the power of nutrition!

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