Evolution of Exercise

Published : Sep 13, 2019
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  • Updated On : Jul 27, 2022


    What do we really know about exercise? Physical activities has always been there, but it was much later when humans termed it as exercise. I’m sure before 10,000 BC, continuous hunting and gathering of food for survival were the only requirements of the nomadic lifestyle.
    In India, Hindu priests developed yoga millennia ago, hoping to achieve animals’ balance with nature through observing and mimicking their movement and patterns. Breathing exercises were prescribed in China for patients experiencing chills, fevers, or complete paralysis in the early 2600 BCE. The yin-yang doctrine was prevalent: yin = disease and death, yang = life and health. Chinese physician Hua T’O prescribed exercise because of its yang effect.
    Susruta of India, was the first recorded physician ever to prescribe exercise for his patients. He thought it made the body stout, enhanced limb and muscle growth, and improved digestion. Susruta believed that exercise should be taken every day but only to half the extent of his capacity as otherwise it may prove fatal.
    Pythagoras was the first Greek medical philosopher to advocate daily exercise for health reasons. He believed disease occurred because of lack of harmony between the elements, qualities, and tendencies of the human body. To restore harmony and achieve a healthy state, he proposed a daily regimen of long walks, running, wrestling and boxing.
    Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper -- also called as the father of the modern fitness movement, introduced aerobic exercise and advocated a philosophy of disease prevention. He firmly believed, “Exercise regularly to maintain a high level of fitness throughout life. To prevent the development of chronic diseases.”
    When the need for exercising and maintaining fitness emerged, it paved the way for right nutrition. Our body requires proper nutrition in the correct amount to avoid wearing out.

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    Tasmiya Wadia
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