About Gokulam Kerala FC:

The Gokulam Kerala Football club was initiated in the year 2014, Gokulam Kerala Football club is a professional football club from Kerala which competes in India’s top division league Hero l-League under all India Football Federation. Gokulam Kerala Football Club also participates in Kerala Premier League at the state level. The amazing fact is, Gokulam Kerala Football Club is the only I-League team which have women’s football team at the national level competition. Integrity, Passion, Community and Respect are the four are the four ethics they believe in.

Shri Gokulam Gopalan is a man who is an achiever, he is a man who believes in turning the dreams into reality, he successfully slowly and gradually took a stand in different ventures like, film production, food and beverage, hotels and restaurants, health care, drinking water and finally into sports with Gokulam Kerala Football Club.


Family, friends, food & football - these are the four pillars of what makes Kerala.

God’s own country was known to provide India with a plethora of football talent such as T. Abdul Rahman, I.M. Vijayan, Jo Paul Ancheri among many others. This season, the Keralites are on fire because of the super performance by their team and the consistent pace they have set for themselves.


“Mutthavaruu chellum mudhnellika, adhyamme kazhyikkum, pinneedhu madhurikkum” (The words of our elders are like Indian Gooseberry. It’s sour at first but turn sweet later) which they strongly believe in.

Gokulam FC 2018-19 Event Status:

The 2018-19 I-League is the 12th season of the I-League, the I-League season started on 26th October 2018 and it will go on till March 2019.

Defending Champions: Minerva Punjab FC


Coach: Bino George


The Goal Keepers : Arnab Das, Shibin Raj, Ajmal Pa, Satyajit Bordoloi

The Defenders : Daniel Addo, Fabricio Ortiz, Monotosh Chaklader, Wungyanyg Muirang, Jestin George, Abishek Das, Evgeniy Kochnev, Deepak Kumar, Jishnu Balakrishnan, Shahbas Saleel.

The Midfielders : Mudde Musa, Muhammed Rashid, Arjun Jayaraj, Mayakannan, Guilherme, Bijesh Balan, Usman Ashik, Rohit Mirza, Pritam Singh, Bodo, Salman K, Nasar PA, Gani Ahammed Nigam.

The Forwards: Rajesh, Suhair VP, Antonio German.


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Isha Samtani

-Expert and Writer

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