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Essential Nutrition's for Preschoolers

Children at the age of 3-5 are found to be extremely active and they generally run on everlasting energy. What keeps their energy everlasting is the right amount of nutrition. At this age children develop a sense of opinion, especially when it comes to their choice of food and here is when you experience the infamous fussiness in kids. They refrain from eating healthy food because in their opinion it doesn't taste good. Now they aren't wrong, are they?

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Essential nutrients for your kid

Carbohydrate :

One of the important sources of the children's energy. Carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars which are then circulated in the bloodstream to be used by the body for energy and to keep them active all day long.


Fat is an essential element in kids nutrition as it provides and charges up their energy, absorbs vitamins and helps kids grow the right way. Being a source of essential fatty acids, energy and fat soluble vitamins, Fats makes food more palatable. Considering not too much but the appropriate amount of fat is essential.


Fibre helps keep the digestive tract clear and when i meal consists an ample amount of fibre it can help in preventing constipation and obesity. These types of foods are rich in nutrition and vitamins. Wholemeal bread, wholemeal breakfast cereals, pulse vegetables, fruit and vegetables are fibre rich sources.


Protein intake ranges from 14.5g/day in 1-3 year olds up to 19.7g/day in 4-6 year olds. Kids at this age should consume an adequate amount of protein. Protein plays a vital role in the kids recovery and repairing their muscles and tissues. Protein deficiency in children could lead to fatigue, poor concentration and growth and slow healing of wounds. Their overall immune response is slowed down due to the lack of protein in their body.


Iron is the key nutrient that generates a component of Red Blood Cells called hemoglobin that is responsible for transporting oxygen throughout the body. These cells could not be produced in an adequate amount in the body if not for Iron, leading to low levels of oxygen in the organs. Fortified cereals, green leafy vegetables, dried beans and peas are a rich source of Iron. 

The right nutrition you kid needs : 

To ensure your kid stays healthy and keeps them energetic, one should provide their kids with ample servings of roti, whole wheat bread and pasta/noodles. Milk plays a key role in the development and nourishment of your children. Hence a glass of milk everyday and milk products like yoghurt, paneer and cheese would be essential. Pulses and fruits are an all time necessity. 

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When kids are at school, parents can pack him or her a variety of healthy and nutritious food. Bread/ whole wheat bread/ paratha rolled or wrapped with suitable fillings would be a vital option. To make their food interesting, one can also apply a variety of spreads to be added to their meals. Packing some salads like cucumber or carrot sticks, tomato slices, whole fruits, and side dishes which can include cutlets, small sandwiches and rolls would be essential for a healthy lunch break at school.

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