ICC World Cup 2019: England v/s New Zealand Finals

England v/s New Zealand Finals, ICC World Cup 2019: All You Need to Know

The Caravan on ICC World Cup 2019 has reached its final stage where the hosts England will take on New Zealand in the finals. The 45-day long tournament saw some brilliant fielding display, clean hitting while some fluent stroke-making, chin music (bouncers), deadly yorkers and some great turnarounds during the course of the tournament. But now with all said and done, it has come down to one final match which will decide who will be crowned as the World Champion.

World Cricket will get a new champion as both England and New Zealand will indulge in fierce cricket battle to get their maiden title. Here is what all you need to know about ICC World Cup 2019 finals.

MEngland v/s New Zealand Finals, ICC World Cup 2019: All You Need to Know

•  Leading Run Scorers

Two players who are a part of Fab 4 are Joe Root and Kane Williamson. Both of them have batted according to their aura have augured 549 and 548 runs respectively. Both have a solid batting technique and are capable of bailing their team out from any situation.

Both of these batsmen believe in building their inning by taking singles and doubles to keep the scoreboard moving. Running might lead to sweat which leads to dehydration and players need to take care that they are adequately hydrated.

•  Leading Wicket Takers

Jofra Archer and Lokie Ferguson have destroyed the opposition batting line up with their nagging line and length and street smart mix up of slower balls and yorkers. While Archer has deceived batsmen through his slower balls to take 19 wickets, Lokie has troubled the batsmen with his raw pace to get 18.

MEngland v/s New Zealand Finals, ICC World Cup 2019: All You Need to Know

•  Players to Watch Out For

Jason Roy has been the catalyst of this rejuvenated England side as he has provided them good and fast starts to put the opposition under pressure. At the same time Kane Williamson, New Zealand’s Captain has been a life savior for his side as he is the one who has got them out of every troublesome situation.

Roy has great muscle power which allows him to clear any boundary and also suits his style of attacking play. To build strong muscles, click here.

•  Key Battles

The key battles which will decide the fate of Champion will be when Jofra will bowl to Williamson as England will be aware that he is the guy whose wicket can almost certainly put the match in their favor. Boult v/s England’s low order batsmen like Stokes and Buttler will be banter to watch out for.

MEngland v/s New Zealand Finals, ICC World Cup 2019: All You Need to Know

The pressure is very high in England and New Zealand to win their maiden title to become the champions. They will have to stay focused mentally to fight the pressure and stress of playing a World Cup Final match. Fast&Up Reload + Caffeine is designed to provide instant and effective hydration along with a physical and mental boost to ace performance which helps a cricketer to focus on his game and fight stress.

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