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Energy Gels for Runners - Your Power Banks for Marathon Runs

“Marathons”- The acclaimed event which has sipped in the minds of almost every fitness enthusiast especially runners has its roots in the history for as long as 490 B.C. According to the legend, a Greek soldier ran for approximately 40.23 km (25 miles) from Marathon (a town in Greece) to Athens for conveying the message of victory of Athenians over the Persian army. This built the foundation to the Marathon Runs which we witness today having the running distance of 42.195 km i.e. 26.218 miles.

Running for a considerable distance within average timing is surely a task which requires thorough preparation. This includes good training, appropriate energy fuels, strategic planning as Marathons can be accomplished by Walk, Run or both Walk-Run strategy. Although marathon training needs to be very well powered by energy products such as power bars, energy gels, energy drinks etc. it is indeed important to choose an energy source while running which will not only help in smooth continuity but impart energy during the final few miles.

It is always wise to understand the running distance and the energy fuels that can help to achieve it beforehand. Energy sources such as Energy gels for half marathons, Marathons etc. and how to use them during the run is what helps to avoid “hitting the wall”. Although a number of products are flaunted in the market to be the best for improving athletic performances, Energy gels for runners are one of the latest innovations in the same arena which have gained considerable popularity.


What are energy gels?

Energy gels are loaded with mostly carbohydrates along with other energy boosters such as caffeine, etc. Maltodextrin is the commonly used energy source as it has a considerable absorption benefit when it comes to consuming energy gels that can provide energy on the run. Energy gels available in portable sachets contain enough quantity to fuel you up for approximately 30 minutes in a single serving that too without using water to consume the same. Apart from the energy, energy gels formulated for easier absorption and are gentle on the stomach causing no discomfort to prove to be the best energy gels for runners, sports athletes etc. 


Energy gels for Marathon Run

It will definitely take an adequate amount of energy fuel up to complete 42.195 km of a full marathon run without draining out your fuel stores. With an average time span of approximately 4 hours of running, the body can run out of carbohydrates from muscles if not refuelled appropriately. Energy gels for marathon runners which can be consumed 10 minutes prior to race followed by taking of a single serving after 30 minutes during the run. It is greatly helpful to consume energy gels especially during the final few miles of a marathon when the body is in prime need for carbohydrates for energy.

Energy boosters such as caffeine also prove to be great additions to energy gels when it comes to delivering an instant energy boost. Caffeine helps in the alertness of mind and improve concentration. While running our mind needs to be constantly focused thereby preventing mental exhaustion during the run. 


Energy gels for Half-Marathon Run

Half marathons which extend for about 21.0975 km are no different in terms of preparation than a full marathon. But it may differ in terms of strategy as you need to consider running for a shorter distance with better energy consumption strategy during the run. Making up for a half marathon within the average timing of about 2 hours requires the endurance of muscles as well as prevention of fatigue and muscle cramps. Supplementing muscles with carbohydrates which can be easily absorbed in the gel form helps in boosting the energy when a runner is just a few miles short for the finish line.

Use of Energy gels for boosting athletic performance such as marathon running is becoming the popular choice for sports nutrition. Despite the booming use of energy drinks in India and on a global scale, Energy gels have established a remarkable place for their sheer portability, ease of use and energy dispersion.
“Persistence of a runner needs to be constantly fueled by passion and nutrition”

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Mona Mehta

-Expert and Writer