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Published : Jan 31, 2016
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  • Updated On : Jul 22, 2022
    Energy Gels have been in use in sports since the 80s and it was made more popular in the 90s. It emerged as a convenient option to deliver the required carbohydrates in endurance events like iron man, marathons, cycling, triathlons, duathlons, and various other events. Some of the known brands of gels across the world are Gu Gels, Power Gels, Accel Gel, Fast and Up Malto Gel, SIS Go Gel, etc. Energy Gels typically have maltodextrin as their energy source and many of them have caffeine in it. Gels are becoming popular in India as well. Fast&Up is the first brand to give a steady, sustainable quality option on gels for the Indian customer. Till now consumers had to rely on people getting GU Gels from the US or elsewhere causing immense issues of availability. This has helped runners, cyclists and swimmers use the gel for their training and racing on a regular basis.
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