Effective Ways Of Getting Over Stressed

Published : May 13, 2020
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  • Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

    Before getting into ways to fight stress, let’s understand the basics of stress. Firstly, let me debunk one popular myth Stress is not always a ‘bad thing’ Mankind’s survival would not be possible without stress. Stress may motivate you and help in achieving higher targets and reach your goals. It helps to boost your memory and achieve task more efficiently. Flight and fight is also stress response, a vital warning system.

    Fast&up Effective ways of getting over stress

    In biological terms, stress is defined as physical, emotional and mental factor that causes body or mental tension. There can be two types of stress – Internal (illness or lack of hormones, minerals) and External ( Social situations, environmental and physiological).

    In fight and Flight response hormones like adrenaline, cortisol and norepinephrine – Catecholamine hormones are released that gives you rush of energy for fight. This results in number of reactions with body shutting down unnecessary functions like digestion and switching all blood to muscles.

    The real challenge is when body stays into state of stress in inappropriate situations and blood flow to brain is minimized. 

    Types of Stress response –

    • Fight – Natural reaction when body is in state of stress , one may feel aggressive and agitated
    • Flight – Survival instinct, sign of flight functions as life savior in dangerous surrounding
    • Freeze – Relatively unknown mode of stress, energy perceived as stress is locked in nervous system and one freezes

    Effective Ways Of Getting Over Stressed

    Coping with stress in current scenario

    • Stress, confusion and anger are common during a crisis, talk to people around that you can trust
    • Staying at home, try and maintain healthy lifestyle – include proper diet, sleep, exercise and social contacts
    • Avoid using alcohol and smoking or drugs to deal with stress
    • Gather information through valid sources and if you feel overwhelmed contact healthcare practitioner
    • Limit your agitation and worry by lessening time listening to media coverage that acts as upsetting
    • Work on your skills, divert your mind to do stuff you always wanted.

    Importance of Magnesium to relieve stress

    Magic mineral Magnesium is also known as “Anti – stress” mineral. Stress depletes Magnesium levels and Magnesium counteracts stress.

    Magnesium shifts from intracellular to extracellular space and acts as protective role to diminish stress effects. Magnesium also helps in number of neurotransmitter system and plays central role in antidepressant like activity.

    Magnesium is also related with disturbed sleep pattern. Magnesium increase GABA, a neurotransmitter that encourages restorative sleep. Magnesium plays key role in stress response system

    Added Benefits of Fast&Up Magnesio

    Fast&Up Magnesio in refreshing Lime & lemon flavor is designed specifically to provide 300mg elemental Magnesium and 10mg Zinc with 10mg Beta carotene. 

    • Magnesio provides 300 mg elemental Magnesium and 10mg Zinc
    • Helps reduce stress and stress response
    • Supports restorative sleep
    • Effervescent form offers faster absorption and instant action
    • Easy to use and swallow in drink form

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