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Easy Ways to Increase Your Protein Intake

Published : Feb 01, 2022 2 mins read Updated On : Nov 25, 2022

Increase Your Protein Intake

Everyone knows how important proteins are in our life. They are building blocks of our bodies. Proteins help in every function of our body. The recommended dietary allowance for protein for an average person is 0.8-1.0 gm per body weight. It is higher for athletes and bodybuilders. There are many food sources that are rich in proteins like meat, fish, eggs, nuts and beans. It is important to have variety in the diet so that you are able to reach your daily needs for protein.

Lets’ try to find out how you can increase protein intake in your daily life

  • Eat protein with every meal

The easiest way to achieve your daily RDA of protein is to consume it with every meal. You can divide your protein content over different meals you consume. Eating protein first during the meal helps you to keep your sugar level and insulin levels from rising after a meal.

  • Go green

Green peas are an excellent source of protein. It contains 8 grams of protein in one cup of peas. It is a perfect source of protein for vegans. It contains all essential amino acids and it is also easy to digest and does not cause any allergy. Other green foods that are high in protein content are spinach, broccoli, Brussels sprouts and artichoke.

  • Say cheese

A casual snack is an excellent way to introduce protein into your diet. Many snacks are basically junk food and bad for your health. They lack healthy nutrients. Eating cheese as a snack is much more helpful as 28 gm of cheese contains approximately 7 gm of protein. Cheese also doesn’t raise cholesterol much.

  • Grains for gains

Multiple grains are a good source of protein that can be included in your daily diet, which will help you to get the necessary proteins. Grains such as wheat, millet, oatmeal and quinoa can be easily integrated into the food. Certain types of bread can also provide protein.

  • Eggs for breakfast

A typical breakfast includes cereals that are low in protein. 3 eggs for breakfast can provide around 19 grams of high quality protein. Some studies have found that eating eggs for breakfast reduces appetite so you can eat fewer calories.

  • Sprinkle your food with almond

Almonds have magnesium, fiber and monounsaturated fats but are low on carbs. They contain around 6 gm of protein in 30 gm serving. So think about sprinkling almonds on your breakfast or snacks to get the protein you need.

  • Shake up with protein shakes

Protein shakes are a very convenient source of high quality protein. Whey protein supplements are the most preferred type of supplements. Protein shakes can be a rich source of essential amino acids including BCAAs. Protein supplements can take care of any deficiency created by your regular diet. Protein supplements are especially for those who are fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

  • Supplementation

Using supplements to increase protein intake on top of your regular diet makes sure that you get your daily protein at recommended level. Protein supplements are available in multiple forms like capsule, effervescence tab or power. Protein Supplements can address a specific issue regarding protein function or can provide general benefits of protein. You must consider your body’s requirement before choosing the right kind of supplement.

Getting an adequate amount of protein is vital. A high protein intake can offer multiple health benefits such as building muscle improving endurance, aids in digestion and improve immunity. So keep the above points in mind and have a healthy life.

Soumil Vartak
Soumil Vartak
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