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Easy Plant-Based Protein Recipes

Published : Mar 09, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Oct 31, 2023

We all know that nutrition is a wide topic, once you deep dive into the world of health and fitness, if you check out healthy recipes there are staggering numbers of nutrition advice over recipes out there, and at the same time many conflicts over the same.

Easy Plant-Based Protein Recipes

Even if you ask different experts, there are chances they would have different views on the same subject. In this article today let's speak on Protein For Women. Now you would wonder why Protein is so important. We don't even work out or work out with a low intensity. One common myth with Protein is that it is only required by Men and not Women.

Easy Plant-Based Protein Recipes

The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) suggests that the mandatory RDA (Required Daily Allowance) is 1.0 kg/bd wg per day. But still, Indian women consume 13% less protein than Indian Men. The alarming statistic is that almost 80% of Indians have protein deficiency. The deficiency is more prevalent in Women’s as compared to Men’s.

Fast&Up Plant Protein for Women is a recent launch by Fast&Up catering to the needs of women for protein along with helping to maintain good skin & hair health, maintain hormonal balance, reduce stress and anxiety, and finally help in weight management as well.

It is easy to digest and can be consumed with water or any healthy beverage of your choice. To make life easier in a literal sense let us mention a few High Protein Plant Based Dishes that would help you to fulfill daily protein requirements and innovate at the same time as well.

1. Oatmeal:

It's an easy 5 minutes recipe for protein-rich oatmeal.


- 1 Cup Oat
- ½ cup Milk (or Non - dairy as per your choice)
- 1 cup topping – can be banana, dried fruits, nuts + Seeds or other fruits as well
- 1 Scoop Fast&Up Plant Protein For Women

Easy Plant Based Recipes - Oatmeal - Fast&Up


1. Microwave oats and milk for 2 – 3 minutes
2. Thoroughly mix Fast&Up Plant Protein For Women with oats
3. Add topping
4. Your nutritious and tasty creation is ready!!

2. Healthy Protein Rich Chia Seeds Balls


- 6 dates
- ¾ scoop Fast&Up Plant Protein For Women
- 4 tablespoons crunchy or natural Peanut
- 2 teaspoons chia seeds

Healthy Protein Rich Chia Seeds Balls - Fast&Up


- Pulse all ingredients in a food processor
- Roll into 10 tablespoon sized balls
- Store in the refrigerator

Here we have enlisted just 2 recipes that one can easily prepare at home which are Plant Based Recipes.

Bottom Line

While we all know the importance of Protein, it is important to maintain healthy levels of Protein daily, especially for women. Although there are umpteen number of brands available in the market. Fast&Up Plant Protein for Women is specifically designed for Women to fulfill their protein needs along with taking good care of their skin, and hair, maintaining hormonal balance, reducing stress and anxiety, and finally helping them in weight management.

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