Double-masking & how it helps Protect against Covid19

Published : May 10, 2021
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  • Updated On : Jul 21, 2022

    Double Masking

    Wearing a mask in order to stop the spread of coronavirus has long been highlighted by experts. And a recent study conducted by the US CDC has come up with the conclusion that double-masking i.e. wearing two masks instead of one helps increase the wearer’s safety and protection against the virus.

    What does Double-masking mean?

    Double-masking refers to the practice of wearing two masks together. Wearing a surgical mask or a disposable mask below a cloth or fabric mask is double-masking. Simply put, double-masking means double protection

    What does Double-masking mean

    Is Double-masking Effective?

    The answer is Yes. Double-masking helps to lower the infection chances and also helps reduce the severity rate by close to around 95%. This not only helps to prevent one from getting infected but also helps to significantly lower the transmission of the virus from one person to another.


    How does Double-masking help protect against Covid19?

    How does Double-masking help protect against Covid19?

    Studies have shown that double-masking provides 85.4% protection against the germs of coronavirus thereby aiding to stop the spread of the disease. Wearing a single cloth mask or a surgical mask only provides 51.4% and 56.1% protection respectively. This makes double-masking an effective measure that everyone must adopt to stay safe and protected.

    In addition to increased protection, double-masking offers various other benefits as well like ensuring proper fit and more covering to block the entry of any disease causing particles or germs. It also offers better air filtration thereby ensuring better and easy breathing as well. 

    Double-masking 1

    What is the right way to Double-mask?

    Follow the 3 easy steps given below and you will be able to double mask in the correct manner 

    Double Masking 2

    What are some dos and don’ts of Double-masking?

    Double Masking  3

    Follow these dos and don’ts to make sure that you create a stronger barrier against the virus.
    Double-masking is the best option to prevent you from getting infected and keep you healthy and safe. Along with double-masking, maintain social distancing, sanitize regularly, keep boosting your immunity, get vaccinated as early as possible and help those who have tested positive to recover quickly and become healthy again.

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