Water is vital for maintaining both core body temperature and optimal electrolyte concentrations. Being hydrated is extremely essential for everyone. But cricketers have an even greater need to drink and replace the lost fluids during exercise. As we are aware that water is the most important nutrient for life and has many important functions which include lubricating joints, regulating temperature and transporting nutrients and waste throughout the body.

Staying hydrated is always important during exercise. Fluid intake in proper and adequate quantity is essential to comfort performance and safety. The longer the duration and intensity of exercise, the more imperative it is to drink the right kind of fluids.

If the sodium levels in our blood gets too low, we have a condition called hyponatremia. This can happen because of certain medical conditions, some medicines, or if we drink too much water. A lot of research suggests that severe or prolonged hyponatraemia can cause potential harm to an athlete.

Researchers have found that sportsmen experienced a delay in the development of hyponatraemia, after consuming an electrolyte-containing beverage as opposed to just water. It has also been evaluated that consuming electrolyte-containing beverages as opposed to plain water may be beneficial to the performance and health of the sportsman.

A study conducted which included sub-elite cricket players. This study found that a fluid insufficiency of just under 3% of the body weight impaired their capability to undertake a shuttle run in moderate weather conditions. Further, the fluid deficit was also linked with a reduction in the line, length and accuracy of bowling by ~15%, although their bowling speed was not affected. In contrast to this, endurance and bowling skills were maintained when the players consumed sufficient fluid over the session to keep the deficit to ~ 1% of body weight. The negative effects on performance, due to a fluid deficit are generally much higher when exercising in hot conditions.

It is imperative for the cricketers to maintain proper hydration levels for both their safety and performance. It is reported that cricketers have accepted that they have experienced dehydration in many instances which has in turn hindered their performance, and also claimed that dehydration led to negative health effects.


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Andrea Fernandes

-Expert and Writer