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How Does Exercise Benefits To Boost Immunity

Published : Apr 29, 2020 2 mins read Updated On : Jan 10, 2023

Fighting another day with cough or cold? Are you feeling too tired & low all the time? If you are looking for one of the best ways to keep your immunity in check, then regular exercise is the key. You might feel better if you invest some time in a simple exercise routine a few times a week or maybe go for a walk daily.

Doing an exercise or some form of physical activity daily improves our overall fitness, which in turn helps to boost our immune system which is also the body's major defense system against all the infections. Exercising is the simplest way to rev your immunity. It aids in keeping stress away and keeps away problems like osteoporosis, heart diseases & certain types of cancer. You will always get the most out of your workout if you manage to do about an hour every day. Keeping in mind the ongoing global pandemic restrictions, one can also workout at home and stay fit.


Regular exercise is like the foundation of healthy living. It has benefits like improving your cardiovascular health, lowers blood pressure & helps control body weight. But does it boosts your immunity naturally and keeps it healthy? Along with a balanced and healthy diet, exercise can do wonders to general good health & therefore helps to maintain a healthy immune system. It also contributes directly by boosting the body through good blood circulation, which indeed allows the cells of the immune system to function through the body much more freely and efficiently do their job.

Daily exercise may cause a change in antibodies & White Blood Cells which fights against diseases. These white blood cells will circulate more rapidly so they can detect an infection with relative ease.

Rise in the body temperature during & post-workout may prevent certain bacteria from growing and affecting the immune system. Exercise slows down the release rate of stress hormones.


You should note that exercise is good but one should not overkill it every single time. If you exercise too much, make sure you are giving your body a chance to rest and recover properly after every workout. Our immune system works well when it's not subject to stress on a frequent basis.

When workouts get vigorous and too strenuous, the number of white blood cells in your body goes down which may result in cortisol (stress hormone) levels to rise which leads to interfering with the ability of certain immune cells to function optimally.

People who already exercise should not overdo it thinking more exercise will yield more immunity. Heavy long-term exercise will cause more harm than good.


A strong immunity paired with a nutritious and balanced diet along with good supplementation can help you have an active lifestyle for longer run.

Having your fruits and greens is very important. Every food has different nutrients in it, but you cannot consume everything in a day. To fulfill that, a good multivitamin supplement is highly recommended.

One of the options you can go with is Fast&Up Vitalize. It packs in 21 Vitamins & 9 minerals.
Fast&Up Immunity Boost Nutrition

Vitamin C plays a major role when it comes to building immunity. Having all the natural Vitamin C rich foods all at once can be difficult at times to meet your daily requirements. Fast&Up Charge may help you do it with ease. It also has zinc which is a powerful antioxidant.

Exercise makes you feel happier, healthier & energetic. So take a step ahead and go for it.

Roshan Shinde
Roshan Shinde
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