Do’s and Don'ts for Child Health in second wave

Published : May 11, 2021
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  • When the pandemic saw it rise during 2020, it was termed most dangerous among senior citizens. As time passed, it was known to us that the virus can be dangerous for people of all ages. Millenials at a certain point of time became the most infected, followed by children getting infected by this ill-fated virus. In recent times, children are also known to be vulnerable to the covid-19. Recent studies have shown that children are potential carriers of this virus as well, and that the virus can be spread through them rapidly.

    Do’s and Don'ts for Child Health in second wave

    At such times, in order to stay secured from the reach of the virus, following safety protocols like social distancing, wearing a mask outdoors, keeping hands and face clean and avoiding unnecessary contact with outsiders is a must. This should be followed staying healthy from within, by following a healthy and nutrition diet.

    Here are a few pointers that would help you keep your kids safe at all times -


    • Taking care of their hygiene - encourage and inculcate hygiene practices. Washing their hands regularly and well with soap and water for 20 seconds especially while touching frequently touched surfaces and while sneezing and coughing will mitigate the risk of them coming in direct contact.
    • Staying active - one of the key factors that keeps children healthy is their activity level. Since everyone is instructed to stay indoors, indulging in indoor activities like daily activities, playing with a hula hoop, picking up a new hobby and cutting down on sedentary behaviour would be beneficial.
    • Maintaining a healthy diet - eating right and healthy at such times is crucial. The main agenda at hand should be to strengthen and boost immunity. Consuming a good amount of foods rich in Vitamin C like amla, strawberries and citrus fruits, green vegetables, foods rich in zinc like legumes, lentils and beans would help build immunity naturally. 

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    1. Going outdoors - Kids are missing their play time. They are refrained from running in the lobby and in the playground. At such times parents must take it upon themselves to make their children understand why they mustn't step outdoors
    2. Sedentary behaviour - time spent while looking at a screen, like watching TV, playing games on a mobile phone can make kids inactive, which would reflect on their daily health. Parents should take it upon themselves to keep a track on their screen time and encourage them to indulge in some physical activity
    3. Coming in contact with visitors - one can never be sure of how someone can come in contact with the virus. In case you are expecting outsiders or visitors at your place, ensure that you encourage kids to be vigilant and follow social distancing, in order to keep their distances from the virus.

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