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Diet vs. Lifestyle: What You Need To Know To Understand The Difference

‘Oh no, I can’t eat that I am on a diet.’

You must have heard this so many times before. Such statements imply that diets are temporary and that you are depriving yourself of something that you would normally have but just not right now. Let’s agree that there is a negative connotation associated with the word ‘diet’ which makes you feel sorry for indulging yourself.

Let’s look at what the dictionary is saying.

diet n. – the food that a person or animal usually eats

This simply means that whatever you eat in a day is your diet. Now, this food can be harmful or beneficial depending on what you’re eating. But you should know that you don’t need to starve yourself or eat bland food to lose weight.

People usually take up a diet plan with a short-term conceivable end in sight. The whole nature of diet is for you to hold on to it just a little longer until it’s finally over and you can get back to your normal life.

The approach here is temporary. Once you’ve achieved your goals you’re likely to put on your weight very soon because you will be tempted to eat everything that you’ve restrained yourself from.

A lifestyle change, however, is more sustainable and permanent in nature. There is no end in sight when you decide to make a lifestyle change. You’re not constantly thinking of escaping, as if you’re serving a prison sentence. Rather, you start adapting your habits and behaviors to match this new lifestyle that you’re creating.

Here, you stay in it for good. You don’t keep away from treating yourself. Rather you find healthier alternatives to enjoy the food that you’re eating. You create new ways to make your life agreeable and comfortable.

Both the approaches are predominantly mindset shifts. Someone on a diet would think or talk to themselves like this:

“That looks so delicious. But I can’t have it right now as I am on a diet. Just 5 more days and I can have it then. I know I am strong, I can do this. ”
Someone wanting to change their lifestyle however would think like this.

“That looks delicious. But if I eat this it would throw me off track from the life that I’m planning to create. Better to find something that would move me closer to my goals.”

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