Diet and Supplement for Footballers

Diet and Supplement for Footballers

The life of an athlete is full of challenges. Not only must you practice and train seemingly endless hours to perfect your craft and your sport, but you also have to worry about your body. It’s important to remember a healthy diet for a football player will be different than it will be for many other people. While the basic principles of good eating remain the same, the emphasis is different. For example, healthy eating for a person trying to lose weight is different than it is for a football player, whose goal is typically to add muscle and bulk. Even among athletes in different disciplines, the goals are different. Where a football player seeks to gain weight, athletes such as ballet dancers eat to gain muscle and strength, but also to keep weight off.

Whenever highly talented, motivated and well trained players meet in a football game, the margin between victory and defeat is small. Attention to detail can make that vital difference. Your diet affects your performance, and the food you choose in training and competition will affect how well you train and play.

It makes no sense to Practice and train hard and ignore the benefits that follow from good food choices!

A well-balanced and varied diet made of natural foods rich in valuable nutrients is the best performance enhancer you can use on the game day.

You should always use breakfast to help you keep going and active for the match day ahead. Look something with the good quality complex carbs like Oatmeal, quinoa porridge with some nuts in it which will be a balance of good quality of carbs, proteins and fats. Also, the calcium contained in these will help maintain healthy bones. An alternative porridge would be eggs, whole wheat bread and veggies which contain plenty of protein and carbs. Whatever you do, avoid eating a heavy breakfast as it is likely you will feel bloated afterwards in your training or in game. Fiber can also take a while to digest, so you could try to minimize consumption of this at breakfast time. Eat the breakfast regardless of your appetite. Take the essential supplements like multivitamins for a boost of energy for keeping the energy good throughout the day.



If you are involved in a match that takes place around midday, skip this section and continue the guide from the pre-match advice. aim to only have a light meal come lunch if the match is like pm. This lunch meal could include a low-GI carbohydrate –Millets roti, wholewheat pasta, bread for example. Include some salad like Cucumber, carrots, leafy greens and peppers, etc. and for protein source include low fat cottage cheese, chicken, fish, etc.


You could lessen the risk of feeling thirsty once you’re on the pitch by drinking a good amount of water at this point. Your mental and physical performance can be negatively affected if your body weight is reduced by as little as two per cent due to sweat. Plenty of water should be consumed pre-match to keep yourself hydrated throughout the match.


You’re now on the ground and can hear the crowd eagerly anticipating the next 45 minutes of action in the football game. With some of your stamina going down in the first half of the game, you need to recover for the energy lost in the game, which can be done:
1.Drink enough water or include hydration electrolyte drinks to replace the electrolytes and the water loss.
2.Include carbohydrate gels like Fast & Up Energy gels to boosting up the energy which is easy to carry, digest with no GI issues.

Your immediate concern should be looking after your muscles to ensure you can train at an adequate level in the game days ahead. And so including quick absorbing proteins, low GI carbs should be consumed and adequate amounts of healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, etc. Also, with this in mind, drinks containing antioxidants, carbohydrates and protein is highly recommended.



PRE Game
Fast & Up

1 tablet in 250ml water 30 mins pre-workout

-Boosts performance.
-Helps increase blood flow to muscles.
-Enhances oxygen to muscle cells.
Fast & Up
Reload + Caffeine

1 tablet in 250ml water 

-Replenishes electrolytes
-Improves alertness
-Prevents muscle cramps & soreness
-Faster hydration
Fast & Up

1 scoop in 500ml water

-Muscle strength, recovery, & endurance
-Instantized 5g BCAA (2:1:1)
-Reduces workout fatigue
Fast & Up

1 tablet in 250ml water
-Instant promote muscle protein synthesis
-Reduces muscle breakdown
-Contains recover complex
Fast & Up

1 tablet in 250ml water daily in the morning

-Provides essential multi-vitamins, for active and energetic lifestyle.
Fast & Up

1 tablet in 250ml water anytime of the day
-Provides antioxidant support
-Immunity booster
-Helps in workout recovery
Fast & Up

1 tablet in 250ml water anytime of the day
-Reduces muscle cramps & spasms
-Defeats fatigue & exhaustion
-Maintains bone health

Include a lot of salad with a variety of it blend in with the chicken breast, cottage cheese, Salmon 

or other fishes or beans mixed in with superfood seeds containing omega 3. It all will help in better recovery in the body. Some essential supplements are very much essential in the game which are as follows:

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Sayali Naik

-Expert and Writer