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Deccan Duathlon and Deccan Triathlon win Hearts

Published : Nov 21, 2018 1 mins read Updated On : Jul 22, 2022

The Deccan Triathlon and Deccan Duathlon tournament was organized by Kolhapur Sports Club on Sunday, 18.11.2018 in Nashik. 11 players from Nashik participated in the event and completed their respective events in remarkable time!

Deccan Duathlon

Deepak Bhosale, Dushyant Chordia, Arun Palve, Vilas Sanap and Mahendra Choria competed in the Half Ironman where the players need swim for 1.9 kilometers of swim followed by 90 kilometers of cycling and 21 km running consecutively. These players competed well and finished strong!

Deccan Duathlon

Newest addition to the Fast&Up Fit Squad, Neil D’Silvha was the overall winner at the Deccan Olympic Distance 2018! Fun Fact - Neil also completed the Half Ironman in Turkey recently with a strong time!

Deccan Duathlon

The Deccan Duathlon and Triathlon started on Sunday morning from Rajaram Talav at 6.30 am. The tournament drew nine hundred players from different cities.

The organizers for the event was Kolhapur Sports Club. The event was well organised and they won the hearts of the players and attendees with their planning and execution. Fast&Up was the official hydration parter for Deccan Duathlon and Triathlon. On their association with Fast&Up, the organisers had the following feedback, “It was a pleasure to have Fast&Up as the official hydration partner for the Kolhapur Triathlon 2018. The products are great and our participants themselves take Fast&Up so they were more than happy to have the products on the day of the race. Working with the team was great too, their marketing support along with timely delivery of products helped ensure everything was smooth. It is definitely a brand we would recommend to all fitness enthusiasts and look forward to working with Fast&Up again!”

Deccan Duathlon

Fast&Up Reload was the hydration and energy drink for the event. Reload is India’s first hypotonic electrolyte drink that helps you to replenish and recharge instantly! Order our hydration energy drink, which is Informed Choice Certified by clicking here.

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Isha Samtani
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