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Natural Vitamin C: Your Daily immunity booster

Many times you might come across the word “Vitamin C” in your day-to-day life either on a Nutrition table behind products or Ads on T.V. or a poster in town. Although this nutrient has a variety of biological benefits, one of the chief aspects that it takes care of is being a daily immunity booster. 

“Immunity booster” can be referred to as something which can help in the enhancement of immune response of the body. This can be in the form of response to your daily infection such as building a strong defense so as to protect yourself against factors that cause it such as bacteria’s etc. 

It also plays a major role in the healing of wounds and injuries as it is a prime factor for collagen formation. Collagen is the protein that helps in the formation of connective tissue which in turn helps in creating a barricade of layers at the site of injury thereby speeding up the process of wound healing.

Natural Vitamin C Immune System

Why Natural Vitamin C for immunity boost? 

Making the best use of the naturally available sources of Vitamin C such as Amla helps to maintain immunity against various infections and daily sickness. It benefits in strengthening immune response on the body against a foreign substance which can lead to disturbance in smooth functioning. 

WBCs or the White Blood Cells of the body which help to fight the foreign substances entering our body are benefited by Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in improving the response of cells such as phagocytes (these cells protect the body by ingesting harmful bacteria, dead cells, etc.) and T-Cells (Lymphocyte immune cells that protect the body from pathogens our body’s immunity) thereby resulting in better protection against infections. 

Daily Immunity Booster

Vitamin C as an antioxidant

Vitamin C is also known to be an excellent antioxidant. Our body metabolism gives rise to a natural by-product of chemical processes known as free radicals. These harmful radicals are also produced as a result of EXIOS i.e. exercise-induced oxidative stress when we engage in regular and prolonged activity. These radicals can lead to damage to body cells thereby impacting the overall health of an individual. 

Antioxidants help to eliminate these harmful free radicals in the body which can lead to cell damage. This helps in maintaining health thereby resulting in a fit and active lifestyle as well as an uninterrupted workout routine.

Vitamin C has played a significant role in many modern and traditional practices due to immunity building benefits. Click here to know more about how Natural Vitamin C can help benefit you for better immunity.


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