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Curcumin for Covid-19

Published : Apr 26, 2021 2 mins read Updated On : Jul 20, 2022

Curcumin is the active compound found in turmeric which is a well-known Ayurvedic herb with numerous healing benefits which include antiviral, analgesic, antimicrobial, antiproliferative, and anti-inflammatory actions. The medicinal properties of turmeric have been attributed to curcumin, the main curcuminoid present in it. Evidence suggests that curcumin exhibits strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities and modulates the expression of transcription factors and shows positive action on the development of immune responses.

Evidence has documented curcumin's direct antiviral property against several enveloped viruses including SARS-CoV-2. Few studies have predicted that curcumin interacts with S protein and ACE2 protein and intervenes in viral entry into lung cells. Based on this pleiotropic activity of curcumin, it is postulated that curcumin may directly intervene SARS-CoV-2 entry and or replication and help prevent the Covid-19 infection.

Curcumin functions in making our immune system stronger. However, because of the low percentage levels in standardized turmeric powder, it is difficult to obtain all benefits by just consuming turmeric in small quantities as a part of meals and thus supplements could be required.

Fast&Up Curcumin has an effervescent Curcumin formula consisting of 95% piperine, which is an active compound of pepper that enhances the bioavailability of curcumin. Other super herbs like Ginger protect against pathogens and Zinc helps in strengthening immunity are also present in this formulation. A typical turmeric root comprises 2-5% of curcumin while Fast & Up Curcumin offers 50% curcumin content.

Curcumin promotes good immunity by improving gut health and is a well-known therapeutic ingredient. It plays a crucial role in suppressing stress hormones and reducing discomfort.

It is a powerful Plant-Based Antioxidant with 95% curcuminoids that reduces inflammation, discourages oxidative stress and deterioration, and promotes cardiovascular and joint health. Its immunity strengthening properties are of immense importance in the current times of the covid-19 pandemic.

Curcumin helps the body to naturally clean the respiratory tract, and thereby helps fight the viral infections. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics relieve individuals from the intense impact of cold and flu. Inflammation constricts the respiratory pathways and makes it difficult to breathe. This is often related to an increased response by the immune system that leads to chronic inflammation and damage to lung tissue by free radicals. Curcumin reduces inflammation, relieves congestion and thus improves your breathing and lung health. Fast&Up Curcumin offers superior absorption and better bioavailability as compared to tablets, capsules or lozenges and with no GI disturbances. These natural, vegan, high potency & high quality ingredients work better and faster as compared to other traditional supplements in the market. This way, it helps combat flu-like illnesses in a better way.

Curcumin has proven immune system improvement characteristics and it alters immune response so as to avoid hypersensitivity reaction. Respiratory problems result from the hypersensitive reaction of the immune system and Curcumin helps balance these reactions providing a fast relief, thus curcumin supplements helps to keep the immune system healthy and strong.

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

Vaishnavi Gadi
Women Health & Nutrition

Vaishnavi is passionate about health and nutrition supplements. She takes serious efforts to update her knowledge about health and wellness, especially women health requirements. She writes article... Read More

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