Crazy Facts about Running You wouldn't have Guessed!

Published : Jul 24, 2019
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  • The information I shall divulge in the following text will not necessarily enable you with the chops to run a marathon, but they certainly are weirdly fascinating facts about the myriad effects running has on the body. I read somewhere, that for most people running a marathon falls into either one of two categories: those who run them, and those who can vapidly gawk at the incredibly cumbersome feat accomplished before them! So, in honor of those who take on the mammoth task of bravely finishing those arduous 26.2 miles, here’s a look at some fun facts (excuse the cheeky ones):

    1. A study by the University of Arkansas analyzed 408 participants and concluded that running makes you more desirable. 80% of men and 60% of women, in fact, felt more attractive due to regular running.


    2. The oldest marathon finisher hails from India and his name is Fauja Singh. At the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in Canada, the 100-year-old completed the race in a commendable time of 8 hours, 25 minutes and 16 seconds.

    3. The youngest marathon runner in the world is Budhia Singh. Before his fifth birthday, he had already completed 48 marathons!

    4. Breast milk tastes sour after intensive running training. Lactic acid is produced during strenuous exercise and is absorbed into the milk and can, therefore, change its taste.

    5. Runners who have an average of more than 80 km (50 miles) per week are twice as prone to suffer from respiratory illnesses. Those who complete running 20-30 km (12.4-18.6 miles) a week have a stronger immune system and are less prone to colds.

    6. Regular running training is conducive to the long-term stability of bones. Researchers at the University of Michigan concluded that 12-20 minutes of running even three times a week can augment bone mineral density.

    7. The French ultramarathon runner Serge Girard currently retains the world record for the longest distance run in 365 days. He ran every day for a year, crossed a total of 25 countries and covered a total distance of 27,011 kilometers (16,783 miles)!

    8. Researchers have found that most runners will straighten their posture when an attractive runner of the opposite sex is running towards them.

    9. The German Markus Jürgens holds the world record in marathon backward running. At the 2017 Hannover Marathon, he ran past the finish line in a time of 3 hours, 38 minutes and 27 seconds.

    10. As opposed to men, women often run the second half of a marathon quicker than the first. They are likely to hang back more than men at the start but continue to increase their speed and finish strong in the second half of the race. This is what Professor Eric Allen and Patricia Dechow concluded when they analyzed 300,000 results from the Chicago Marathon.

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